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Finance for State Development Programs

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Press Statement No. 24 March 1975

Joint Statement by the Prime Minister of Australia, Mr E.G. Whitlam and the Premier of New South Wales, Mr T.L. Lewis


The Prime Minister, Mr E.G. Whitlam, and the Premier of New South Wales, Mr T.L. Lewis, have signed six agreements which will provide $73,927 million to New South Wales for urban and regional development programs in 1974/75.

The agreements between the Australian Government and the N.S.W. Government have been made under the Urban and Regional Development (Financial Assistance) Act, 1974.

This allows the Australian Government to agree with a State Government on financial assistance to provide for spending by a State or an approved body in a State Qn urban and regional development programs.

The six agreements and the financial assistance to be given under each are: .

The National Sewerage Program

Urban Land Council

Sydney South-West Sector (Campbelltown/Holsworthy)

Area Improvement Programs


National Estate Program




$ 5,500,000

$ 5,000,000

$ 1,027,000

Mr Whitlam and Mr Lewis said that the agreements were an example of effective co-operation between the two Governments in programs for urban and regional development. They gave these broad details of the programs.


National Sewerage Program

Some details of the program had been announced· recently by the Minister for Urban and Regional Development, Mr Tom Uren and the N.S.W. Minister for Public Works and Ports, Mr-Leon Punch.

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The aims of the program were to remove existing backlogs of unsewered homes, to improve sewage treatment, and to ensure that by 1982 all new homes could be connected to a proper sewerage system. The program would also

contribute to the treatment of industrial wastes and the protection of receiving waters. In addition the program would support research and forward planning connected with sewerage schemes.

In 1974/75 the program had been extended to cover smaller cities and centres. In N.S.W. these areas would benefit from the program: Gosford, Wyong, Tweed Heads, Armidale, Dubbo, Goulburn, Queanbeyan, Tamworth, Wagga Wagga,

Broken Hill, Bathurst and Orange.

Funds were to be made available on the basis of 30% as a non-repayable grant and the remaining 7CL% to be provided by way of an advance repayable over 40 years with interest at the long term bond rate - currently 9^% p.a.

Urban Land Council

This would allow the N.S.W. Government, with financial assistance from the Australian Government, to . expand the provision of home sites at reasonable prices. The program was designed to have a significant impact on

stabilising the land market.

An Urban Land Council would be set up as. an advisory body linked to the New South Wales Planning and Environment Commission. It would be staffed and chaired by the Commission with a part-time membership from State

agencies and the Australian Government.

The amount to be provided to the State would be repayable only from the revenues of the program, to the Commonwealth over 30 years with interest at the long term bond rate. . , v

Sydney South-West Sector (Campbelltown/Holsworthy)

A total of $10 million would be made available in 1974/75 to the Interim Development Authority for the Sydney South-West Sector.

$7.5 million would be for land acquisition - $5 million for acquiring land for urban use, and the remainder for acquiring open space land in the Camden Park Estate.

The remaining $2.5 million1 "would go to development works, including roads, bridges, sewerage and flood mitigation in Minto., Ingleburn and Ccmpbelltpwn.

The amount to be made available for the acquisition of the Camden Park, Estate would be by way of a non-repayable grant and would represent two-thirds of the total cost of acquisition. . ' '

The balance of the amount to be advanced to the State would be repayable only from the revenues of the program . over a period of 30 years with interest at the long termt£>c?nd rate.

- 3 -

Area Improvement Programs

These programs aim to link Australian, State and Local Government with community groups in a co-operative effort to improve .the standard of service and facilities in areas where deficiencies exist.

So far, Area Improvement programs have been established in five regions in N.S.W. - South Sydney, Western Sydney, Hunter, I l l a w a r r a a n d South-East N.S.W.

Mr Uren and the N.S.W. Deputy Premier and Minister for Local Government and Tourism,' Sir Charles Cutler, had announced most of the programs to be funded in 1974/75.

The amounts to be made available to N.S.W. under this agreement would be provided as a non-repayable grant.


. A total of $5 million would be made available for

Bathurst/Orange Growth Centre development - $4 million for land acquisition by the Development Corporation and $1 million for municipal backlog works by local government,

The amount to be provided for land acquisition would be repayable over a period of 30 years with interest at the long term bond rate. Funds for municipal backlog works would be provided on the basis of l/3rd grant and

2/3rds advance repayable only from the revenues of the program over 30 years with interest at the long term bond rate.

National Estate Program

In 1974/75 the Australian Government would assist 46 programs in N.S.W. to help preserve the National Estate.

These included the restoration of historic building.^ and other items of historic value., the acquisition of land for public conservation purposes and the preparation of . conservation studies and education programs.

Details of the programs would be announced as soon as possible by Mr Uren and the New South Wales Minister for Planning and Environment, Sir John Fuller.

Funds for the programs would be made available to New South Wales as a non-repayable grant.

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