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Privy Council appeals

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Press Statement No. 29 January 1975


The Prime Minister announced today that Cabinet had decided to re-introduce the Privy Council Appeals . Abolition Bill when Parliament resumes on 11 February. The Government will also re-introduce the Privy Council '

(Appeals from the High Court) Bill. The Bills had previously been introduced in May 1973 but had lapsed when -Parliament was prorogued in February 1974. .

The Prime Minister said that he had attempted to seek the co-operation of the States but this was not forthcoming from all of the State Premiers.

He said, "The legislation would take to its logical conclusion the course embarked upon in 1968 when our predecessors, with the support of the Australian Labor Party, introduced the legislation contained in the Privy Council

(Limitation of Appeals) Act 1968 for the purpose of limiting appeals from the High Court to the Privy Council.

"The High Court of Australia must become the highest Court of the land in all matters pertaining to Australia. That state of affairs should long since have been attained and the present position is utterly anomalous.

"I have today written to the Premiers of all the States informing them of the Government's intentions."