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Commonwealth-State financial arrangements and employment

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MELBOURNE ' ' ■ ■ '

JANUARY 10, 1975. * ·

The Acting Prime Minister and Treasurer, Dr. J.F. Cairns

said today that he h o ped'soon to be' able to meet State -Premiers

to discuss Commonwealth-State financial relationships,

especially as they affected'employment. Dr. Cairns was . ■ · '

commenting on a statement by the Premier of N.S.W., Mr. Lewis,

that 3000 State public servants faced dismissal because of

shortage of finance. · · · ' ' ·

He said he hoped that the planned discussions with the'

Premiers would be held in· a responsible, non-political. · -atmosphere.. ' ' .

"Mr. Lewis's statement indicates the degree of dependence

State governments now have on the Australian government,"

Dr. Cairns said. ·

"I would have expected that if Mr. Lewis seriously thinks .

that he faces the dismissal of 3000 people he would have

come directly to me and not to the Press. . .

" unreasonable for political pressure to be used to

deal with a problem of this nature." ' · .

"I would hope that Mr. Lewis would prefer the sorts of

discussions 1 now propose to communicating through the

Press.7 5 . ' ; ■ ■

Dr. Cairns said that Australian government Treasury· officials

would meet with State Government Treasury officials-, in the

next week or so. '

He would meet State Labor leaders at Kirribilli House. Sydney

on January 15. . . ' ‘ · '