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Constitutional Committee

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16 JANUARY 1974


The Prime Minister, Mr E.G. Whitlam, said that Standing Committee "A", appointed by resolution of the Constitutional Convention to consider in detail the matters raised at the Convention in relation to the financial provisions of the Constitution, the powers of Governments to manage the economy and the place of Local Government under the Constitution, had met in Canberra today.

The meeting commenced under the Chairmanship of Senator Greenwood, but Senator Greenwood advised the meeting that the Prime Minister, who had been unable to attend the first meeting of the Committee, was willing to accept the Chairmanship of the Committee, and he accordingly resigned his position in favour of the Prime Minister, who was unanimously elected to the Chair. Mr Holding, who had been elected Deputy Chairman at the Melbourne meeting, also

resigned and nominated Senator Greenwood, who was unanimously elected as Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee.

Standing Committee "A" consists of:

Mr E.G. Whitlam and Senator I.J. Greenwood (Federal Parliament), Sir Robert Askin and Mr P.D. Hills (N.S.W.), Mr R.J. Hamer and Mr A.C. Holding (Victoria), Sir Gordon Chalk and Mr J.W. Houston (Queensland), Mr D.A. Dunstan and Dr B.C. Eastick (South Australia) Mr A.D. Taylor and Sir Charles Court (Western Australia) Mr R. Mather and Mr C.B.M. Fenton (Tasmania), Mr.J.H. Pead (A.C.T.)

and Cr F.A. Rogers and Aid Clem Jones (Local Government).

All members of the Committee were represented except Mr P.D. Hills of N.S.W. Sir Robert Askin was represented by the Hon. E.A. Willis, Minister for Education, New South Wales.

The Committee considered reports from the four working parties appointed at the last meeting, and gave directions to the working parties as to the areas in which they should concentrate their studies with a view to a report being given to the Executive Committee before April 30th of this year.