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Visit to Vice-President Gundelach to Australia

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FOR MEDIA 77 4 MAY 1979


The Vice-President of the E.E.C. Commission, Mr. F .0. Gundelach, will visit Australia in the week commencing May 28, as guest of the Australian Government.

Mr. Gundelach’s visit is the result of an initiative I took with President Jenkins of the E.E.C. Commission in June 1977 to resolve trade differences between Australia and the E.E.C.

As the Commissioner within the E.E.C. Commission responsible for agriculture, Mr. Gundelach has been a key figure in the important bilateral trade negotiations between Australia and the European Community in the context of the MTN. These . negotiations are expected to be finalised during the course

of Mr. Gundelach ’ s visit. '·_ - v . . · . ' .

The European Community is the world's largest trading bloc and the policies it pursue in the agricultural area are of critical importance to major agricultural exporting countries like Australia. . ■ .

A close working relationship has developed between Mr. Gundelach and the Australian Minister for Special Trade Representations, Mr. R.V. Garland, who has been personally engaged in high .level negotiations with the E.E.C. Commission and the.

key Ministers in E.E.C. member states. " .

I am hopeful the long and difficult negotiations will produce a settlement that provides Australia with significant improvements in the conditions of trade in the European Community for a number of important rural commodities, and I look forward to meeting Mr. Gundelach during his visit. .

Apart from'his final round of discussions with Mr. Garland, . Mr. Gundelach will also be halting discussions with the Deputy Prime Minister and-Minister for Trade and Resources, Mr. Anthony, and the Minister for Primary Industry, Mr. Sinclair.

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