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Launching of ethnic television

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What you're seeing is the start of an experiment in Australian television. An experiment that recognises that Australia is a multicultural society.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have enriched Australia both culturally and materially. They have changed Australia for the . better to a society which has as its citizens people from all over the world, representatives of many different cultures.

This experiment in ethnic T.V. will bring together these cultures for all Australians to share. To me, that's what's important about multiculturalism and ethnic television - it helps us all to be more tolerant and understanding of each other and of one another's history, culture and artistic achievements.

At the moment ethnic television is on an experimental basis. It.will present a range of different types of programs covering entertainment, community news, local and overseas information, education, sport and special interest programs.

Today's program is only a start. It arises from this Government's acceptance of the Galbally Report's recommendation that a permanent ethnic television service be established.

We want the community to be involved in the fullest possible way in the ethnic T.V. service and the experimental period will allow members of the community to make a judgement on the value of the different programs.

The experiment is starting on Sunday morning, but we look forward to the. day when ethnic television is not just restricted to Sundays

We want you to say what you want to see and when you want to see it All viewers will have the opportunity to make their suggestions about ethnic television to the Chairman of the Ethnic Television Review Panel, Mr Frank Galbally.

The success of the ethnic television service depends on you, the viewer, making your opinions kno\

Ethnic television will add a new and exciting dimension to Australian broadcasting. I will be taking a close personal interest in this initative and I offer my best wishes to all those involved in the experimental service.

I hope that the programs will be challenging, at times provocative, and of interest to all Australians.