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Portland: launching of boat for Portland High School by the Prime Minister

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Ladies and gentlemen, and students,

I am very glad to be here on this occasion and I'm very glad to have the chance of seeing the use to which you have put that $7,722. I don't know who it was who worked out the $22. and I almost wonder why they didn't add some cents on at the end..

I think one of the things that Governments and educators have tried to encourage in recent times is greater initiative, by schools, taking advantage of their own locality, takine advantage of the environment around them and usine that to the benefit of their pupils and bringing, in a sense, community and school closer together than might have been the case in some earlier times. Also, of course, in the last few years there has been a much greater awareness that schools have to pay more attention than they ever have to what students are going to do when they leave school.

I was very pleased to here that the reference, therefore to the contribution that this particular project can make, and should make, to people's work opportunities after they leave school.

Obviously Portland is on the coast, and it has obviously the best harbour around Australia. It is only natural therefore, that the Portland High School would want to take advantage of that in the courses available to its own students and take

advantage of it in a way which is practical and realistic. That brings us to the boat and to the outboard motor, and to the opportunities that are going to be opened up to a number of students as a result: certainly, a much broader experience and a knowledge and an understanding that they would not otherwise have had.

I am very happy to be here to be able to take part in this small ceremony. I have very great pleasure in naming the boat the "Silver Bullet" and I hope that there is not only a great deal of fun and enjoyment out of the use of the boat in the coming months and years but at the same time some useful knowledge gained

I am sure it will be put to good use. It's probably all your own money you are getting back anyway as taxpayers. It is not something the Commonwealth Government grew off some cargo cult tree and maybe it is worth remembering that also. It is seeing some of your own taxes in a small, and I hope and believe, in a useful way.

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