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Appointment of Crown of Thorns Committee

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Statement by the Prime Minister, Mr, William McMahon

Agreement has been reached with the Premier of Queensland on the membership of the Advisory Committee which will in due course recommend the allocation of funds from the joint research funds being established by the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments.

The Chairman of the Advisory Committee is Professor R. J. Walsh, Ο. B. E ., who was also Chairman of the joint committee of enquiry. Other members are Professor J. M. Thomson, Dr. J. M. Harvey and Dr. W. G. H. Maxwell. " ’ .

Those appointed have all been members of the Committee of Enquiry into the Problem of the Crown-of-Thoms Starfish and for this reason are most reliably informed in the matter.

The sum of $90,000 is being made available for the present. The Advisory Committee will make its recommendations in the first instance to the Commonv/ealth Minister for Education and Science for consideration in due course by both Governments.

CANBERRA 16 August 1971