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President Nixon's statement on China

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PM .N o. 74/1971


Statement by the Prim e M inister, Mr William McMahon

X-welcome without reserv atio n President Nixon's statem ent concerning United States relationships with the People's Republic of China and his intention to visit China e a rly next year. I was inform ed of the purport of his statem ent in advance.

The P resid en t's purpose of norm alising relationships with China has been the publicly announced policy of the A ustralian Government for some tim e.

Indeed, President Nixon’s anxiety to "seek norm alisation of relations and exchange views on questions of concern" p recisely describes what we ourselves have been seeking to do by our approaches through diplom atic channels in P aris.

In p artic u lar, I want to draw the attention of the A ustralian people to President Nixon's statem ent that the action he is taking will "not be a t the expense of old friends".

In the future A u stralia's policies and actions will be guided by these prin cip they have been in the past.

I sh are wholeheartedly the P resid en t's view that all will gain from a reduction of tension between the United States and the People's Republic of China. I wish him good fortune in an initiative that has the full support of A ustralia.


I em phasise that P resident Nixon’s statem ent relates to the norm alisation of Relationship^ with China in the interests of world peace. ~ -


CANBERRA, 16 July 1971