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Economic consultations

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PM No. 70/1971

ECONOMIC C _ ^ ^ T A T 1 0 N S _

Statement by the Prim e M inister, M r. William McMahon

Over the th ree days July 7-9, M inisters will be meeting with rep resentatives of industry and com m erce to discuss the economic situation and related issu es of p articu lar concern.

A lis t of the organisations and rep resen tativ es participating in those discussions is attached. The list shows also the starting tim es of the various m eetings.

The tim e allocated to these consultations is g reater than it has been on previous occasions, thereby providing scope for fuller discussion. The Government believes these consultations will be especially useful in informing M inisters of the views of those .directly engaged in industry and com m erce.

CANBERRA 6 July 1971


Prim a ry Industry Group - 10 .0 0 a i m , , 7 July

A ustralian F arm ers* F ederation V ice-President - Mr. J. P. C ass, Ο. B. E.

A ustralian Woolgrowers* and G ra z ie rs'C o u n c il President - Mr. B. A. Wright, Ο. B. E.

A ustralian V/ool and Meat P roducers' Federation President - Mr. R.V . Sewell, Ο. B. E.

A ustralian W heatgrow ers’ F ederation President - Mr. L.V . Price, O.B. E.

Manufacturing Industry Group - 2 . July

President - Mr. Η. N. H erford, E. D.

President - Mr. R. S. Prentice

A ssociated Cham bers of M anufactures of A ustralia

M aster Builders' Federation of A ustralia

F ed eral Cham ber of Automotive Industries V ice-President - Mr. N. W. Lawrance

Commerce_and Mining Group - 10.00 a. m ., 8 July

A ssociated C ham bers of C om m erce of A ustralia

A ustralian Bankers A ssociation

The A ustralian Council of R etailers

A ustralian Mining Industry Council

President - Mr. N. M. Blyton, Ο. B. E.

Chairm an - Mr. G .F . Bowen

President - M r. E. L. Byrne

President - Mr. J.B. M assy-G reene

Manufacturing Ind u stries Advisory Council - 2.3 0 p. m ., 8 July

Chairm an - Sir Ronald Irish, Ο. B. E . , F . C.A.

M embers - Sir James Vernon, C. B. E. M r. T. M. Ramsay M r. F . W. W iltshire

. . . . / 2

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xport Development Council - 10,0 0 a. m ., 9 July

Chairm an - M r. D. H. F reem an

Deputy Chairm en - M r. R. V. Sewell, Ο. B. E. Mr. E. P. McClintock

Executive M embers - M r. H. McE. Scambler M r. N. G. Wilson

Member - Mr. O. G. M eyer, Ο. B, E . , E. D.

ustralian Council of T rad e Unions - 2. 30 p. m ., 9 July

Junior Vice President - The Honourable R.B. M arsh, ML L .C .

S ecretary - Mr. H. J. Souter.