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Address at election rally Perth

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There is certainly a very real pleasure in support of Sir Charles Court and his colleagues in this State election. Because I have not got the slightest doubt that the people of this State are going to support Sir Charles and his team very strongly indeed come

voting day. And irrdeed the support for Sir Charles Court, I would believe is growing stronger as each day passes; because there has been responsibility from this State Government; there has been responsibility from the Liberal Party; there has been an advancement

in this State, great new developments projects being got under way and prepared as we move into the 1980s.

But if you look to the Australian Labor Party they would halt it all. They would stop Australia dead in its tracks, as they did once before, and they have shown that they have learnt nothing (inaud).

Since Sir Charles Court assumed office in this State, Western . Australia has not looked back and he is a great champion of Western Australia's cause. And he is a champion of Western Australia's cause because he is a champion of the initiative and individuality

of the people of Western Australia. He does not want to submerge them in some kind of overwhelming power in the States with States' politicians telling everyone what they must do at every moment of their lives. And the fact that he is good for Western Australia makes Sir Charles good, not only for this State but good for Australia

As we move into the 1980s there is no room for the kind of pessimism that we see out of the Australian Labor Party in nearly everything ^ that they say, everything they do. We need to make sure that the - h development that Sir Charles has prepared the way for in Western Australia is able to go ahead. Because more than ever before we need

a strong economy in Australia to support our great national objectives to support the aspirations of our own people; to support the necessary defence expenditure which we must pursue in a tense and difficult world in which we live. We need a strong economy, we need growth in this economy, because without growth there will not be jobs for the people of this State or of any other. It is worth noting that since Sir Charles has been in office the employment base of this State has grown by nearly 8 per cent. With Labor policies, with different attitudes, in New South Wales, for example, it has fallen over the same period by over 1 per cent. And that shows the difference between Liberal policies and Labor policies. And I know quite well that the choice of the people of this State is going to be sure when voting day comes.

At the beginning of the last election I said that Australia was ready to go with $6,000 million worth of development and investments. And over the last two years $6,400 million of investment have actually

. . .2


v*taken place. And now the figure of investment and development ready to go is over $16,000 million. And that again is testimony to the policies, not only of the Federal Government, but the policies of this State in particular. Because about 60 per cent , of the mining investment and development throughout the whole of Australia is take place in the State of Western Australia itself. And that is going to provide a basis of wealth and strength for this State which will enable the Government to respond to the needs and the aspirations of their own people. You know quite well that the Labor Party would end all of this. They would not only end it, they would want to abolish the States if Bob Hawke had his way and he even came from over here. . But it has been long term Labor policy to diminish the power of the States and to increase , the power of Canberra. That is not something that Sir Charlessupports and it is not something that my Government supports. They have made it quite plain that they would to put the great populations of Melbourne and Sydney alone, to be able to carry referenda giving no protection to States like Western Australia. The Labor Party has made it plain they would want to destroy the power of the Senate. They have made it quite plain that they would destroy this economy. @ They have made it quite plain that they would tear up the agreements we have reached over mining and development off shore - agreements V that reflect the integrity and processes of the State itself. IndeedLabor has shown that they have learned nothing and that they would halt Australia as they sought to once before.There were some things about the Labor time when they were in Government. Mr. Whitlam was able to (you know if only you had a concerted cry I could hear what you were saying, but one voice here and one voice there, you are just like the Labor Party - all over the place. But look I have got to concede that there were some ; things Mr. Whitlam could do extraordinarily well. He could destroy the Australian economy extraordinarily well. He could fight with Mr. Hawke extraordinarily well and he taught Mr. Hayden how to do both these things and he has demonstrated he would do them again if he ever had a chance.But in these times there are great and serious issues in front of this nation and in front of many others. Concern around the world as a resiilt of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan by 90,000 troops of the best equipped army in the world - that is a direct attack against a non-aligned nation, not against an aligned country, opening up the possibilities for further moves to Pakistan or to Iran with influence over oil supplies. This has increased concern not just here but in the United States and France and Germany and Britain and that concern is shared and I am sure that it is shared by the people of this State and it is a subject that needs to be treated seriously and not as a frivolous side-play as some people have over recent times.Now we need to upgrade Australia's defences. That will have a cost and that is the cost that the Commonwealth Government will meet and additional funds will have to be provided. There will be increased patrolling and surveillance in the Indian Ocean. I have not the slightest doubt that the Cockburn Sound Naval Base is going to have an provided and the decisions will need makingvery shortly indeed. We are also prepared to provide facilities for the United States for the passage and support of their forces if that becomes necessary.. . . 3

The Anzus alliance has a new vitality and meaning. The Anzus Council has been brought forward. It is being held in Washington in only a very few weeks time, months before its due date, giving a vitality and meaning and relevance to that alliance, which has

not been present perhaps over the last ten to fifteen years. (Oh mate I think you should go home because you are going to be on the outer after the return of the State Government. Show us which Labor faction you want to support. Is it Mick Young, Bill Hayden, Bob Hawke or who? Because they are all over the place. They have shown they can not manage their own affairs and there is no way they are going to be trusted to manage the affairs of this nation

in this State election or in the Federal election or any other).

We need a strong economy. We need that strong economy not only to support the social ambitions and hopes of people within this nation but to support the kind of defence effort which is required in the kind of world environment in which we now live, and which will need

to be sustained - not for a week or a month or a year, but for a number of years into the future. (Oh mate go back to Moscow and there see how much freedom you have, there see how you are allowed

to say what, you think. You know quite well what happens to anyone in the Soviet Union who criticises Soviet policy - exile and banishment at the very least. While my friend, I do not agree with what you are saying or the motivation that you might have, in this particular country we need to support the right of people to express their own view whatever way they want, so long as they do not interfere with others, because that's one of the freedoms we have and it is one of the freedoms these people would not have in Moscow or anywhere behind the Iron Curtain). And I only regret of this debate that our political opponents have not treated this subject, of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan with the seriousness that it deserves; with the bi-partisan character which is evident in the United States, which is evident

in the United Kingdom, and which is clear throughout much of Europe. They are thinking about a matter which should be one of great national concern into a matter of party politics and they deserve no credit for that. Because we want it to be a matter of bi-partisan policy, bi-partisan support and a matter of great significance for

every Australian. And my friend, if you want to know, it was Mr. Whitlam who knew all about that and much more than he has ever said. And the die was cast when he was in office. And you ought to know that and you ought to understand it. So we need a strong economy

to support the sustained efforts that we are going to need down into the years ahead. And the way to do that is to support Sir Charles Court and his Government with greater support than they have ever had in the past, to enable them to take this State through into the

80s and beyond, building upon the wealth of this State, and the strong foundations that have been laid over the last several years of office. And that will enable the sound partnership between this State and the Commonwealth to continue in the way in which I believe Western Australians can be justly proud, helping to build a greater

and a better nation within Australia. The choice is clear. A Government for progress and common sense and responsibility - a vote for Sir Charles Court, or a vote for a people, for a Labor Party which is divided, which does not know where it is going to go, which has deep internal faction fighting; some on the extreme Socialist Left

fighting and struggling for power and ultimate domination of that regime and through it, of the people of Australia. And there is no doubt, there is only one responsible choice before this State in the forthcoming election. And Sir Charles, it is an honour to be on this platform with you, to support you and your team in what you have done

and all your hopes, aspirations and plans for the future.



ff Sir Charles Court? „..normally rises sharply. Why is it that Western Australia's record has recorded the only fall?

Prime Minister

It might well have been expected that Western Australia along with, other States would have shown a seasonal rise in unemployment over this particular...but it has shown a fall and that is very much to the credit of Western Australia. I ought to say that the total Australian position shows that unemployment is lower than it was

12 months ago. Over the last 12 months employment has been growing strongly (inaud) and that is what it is all about. And that is _ where the basic wealth of this State comes from. Now when you look at what is happening in Western Australia, the great resource projects that are underway and (inaud) as a result of that. The

only interpretation I can really give to the figures is that the benefits of it are starting to flow through just that little bit earlier than we might have otherwise have expected.

Sir Charles Court? . . ■

When you go overseas selling.the country and our mineral resources on these type of long term contracts, are they questioning the Government as to whether they can commit themselves to these (inaud) term contracts and whether we will follow them.

Prime Minister

Well I would have thought have thought it is a healthy democracy. But let me say one thing. Sir Charles is the most redoubtable fighter for this State that Western Australia has ever had. And in that role it is inevitable that at times.he is going to.have one or two

things to say about Canberra. That is only to be expected.. Sometimes I think one or two things about Canberra myself. But in the important issues that effect.our way of life, and in the general direction of this nation or this State, I do not know any fundamental issue in which there is any difference between Sir Charles and myself.

(the next question is addressed to Sir Charles Court)


... of the Olympic Games have on the Soviet Government?

Prime Minister * i

...single thing that nations outside the Communist bloc should do to show that we are opposed to what the Soviets have done in Afghanistan. 100,000 into a small non-aligned country. (well that's an interesting suggestion my friend but at least you apparently support the suggestion that the Games ought to be moved). And that carried with it the implication that they ought not to be in Moscow. I want to make one of two points about it because it is a very serious question and I can understand as you can the disappointment of athletes who would

like (oh look when there is a serious question unfortunately all some . people can do is to shout to make quite sure they don't hear the i answer). And I really would have hoped that something like this could be dealt with and listened to. People can understand completely

views of athletes who trained long and hard. But it is the Soviet Union themselves who have said that the holding of the Games in Moscow


/ y? “ Prime Minister (continued)

is a great political event. It is the Soviet Union themselves who have said, and this was in a handbook they distributed to their Communist Party activists in June of last year, over a million copies, to go out to all the Soviet people and they said that the awarding of the Games to Moscow is a mark of the correctness of the Soviet

foreign policy. Nov/ how can people let themselves be put in the position of being reported to the Soviet people as supporting their foreign policy and supporting that invasion. You know if those

100,000 troops had moved into Berlin, instead into Afghanistan, and if the same number of people had been killed - does anyone believe that any European nation would go to Moscow? Of course they wouldn't. And if that 100,000 troops had moved into a country closer to Australia, I have used the example earlier today of Papua New Guinea

or Indonesia, would there be anyone in this country prepared to say that our athletes should then go to Moscow? And are we saying therefore that because it is Afghanistan, their lives, their independence is intrinsically less important, than that of other nations and other peoples who might be closer to us or perhaps closer to Europe. And I think the Olympic Committees and sporting authori.ties

and individual athletes need to ask themselves.these questions very seriously indeed.. Because what we are about, what the United States and Europe is about is to establish the circumstances where the t Soviets will be detered and will not make further moves that would push the world over the cliff. How many athletes would have gone to

Berlin in 1936 if they had known the use to which their presence 1 was going, to be put, or if they had known what would subsequently happen. They wouldn't have gone. Clearly they wouldn't have gone. And so let this message be brought home clearly to the Soviet people . in a way that their leaders cannot hide from the Soviet people -

the revulsion of the free world of the independent world, of what this communist aggression, occupation and suppression of a people is all about.

— 000--