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Application of export controls to strategic raw materials

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(Statement by the Acting Prime Minister, Rt Hon. J.D. Anthony).

. Prior to his departure overseas the Prime Minister announced that approval for the export of mineral sands to the

USSR would be suspended pending examination of the implications

by the Government. . · '

The Prime Minister also indicated that he would be

discussing the question of export of strategic materials during

his visit to Washington, London, Bonn and Paris. ·

The Acting Prime Minister, Mr Anthony, announced today

that the Government has given preliminary consideration to the a

He said that completion of the examination will await '

the Prime Minister's return.

Mr Anthony said that in the meantime export approval will not be forthcoming for any proposed shipments of material considered

sensitive in relation to the USSR military effort.

In order to allow this interim policy to be put into

effect the Government will for the time being be examining

requests for export approval for all such raw materials destined

for the USSR. .

Existing blanket approvals are rescinded.

Canberra 29 January 1980