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Inter-state Commission

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PRESS STATEMENT NO,f492 9 Ap r i l 1975


The Prime MinisterzMr Whitlam, today dismissed suggestions that the establishment of an'· Inter-State Commission might affect transport costs in Queensland. .

. He rejected claims by the Queensland Premier that ..the Inter-State Commission could result in increased rail freights. He denied that industries in North Queensland would bee disadvantaged. ■ . . . · ■

"The Inter-State Commission is certainly not a plot to take-over Queensland's railways," Mr Whitlam said.

"Mr Bjelke-Petersen knows full well that there can be no take-over of State railways - any State railways - b y the Commonwealth acting alone. -

"Section 51 of the Constitution provides for the consent of the State, on terms which are satisfactory to both parties," he said.. .

Mr Whitlam said the revival of the Inter-State Commission had been supported by many non-Labor politicians, in particular, Queensland's Mr Killen. ·

. As recently as March 11 this year, Mr Killen had supported the idea in a speech to the Brisbane Press Club, the Prime Minister said. .

Mr Whitlam pointed out that the Inter-State Commission had been.written into the original Constitution in 1901.

"In terms of our federal system which the Queensland Premier is usually so anxious to defend, there could be nothing more legitimate that the revival of the Inter-State Commission," he said. ·' .