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Urban public transport

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PS Ι&ί. c lPr ο// A S PRISV3E M I N I S T E R

:> 14 June 1974

Press Statement No.

Urban Public Transport

The Australian Government has successfully completed\ negotiations for a $73 million program for a major improvement \ in urban public transport in the six capital cities.

All States have now signed the Urban Public Transport Assistance Agreement in which thr Australian Government will provide two-thirds of the cost of urban transport projects in the capitals.

Under the agreement

will be made to the States over a

New South Wales

_ Victoria

Queensland South Australia Western Australia Tasmania

the following non-repayable grants year period:

$28.57 million $18.59 million '

$12.30 million $ 9.77 million $ 1.89 million $790,000

In addition, the Australian Government will provide $3 million for research and planning.

While the $73 million earmarked for the program will be spent in the capital cities, provision is also contained in the agreement to extend its scope to major provincial cities such as Newcastle, Wollongong and Geelong.

Projects to be undettaken under the new agreement, and the Australian Government grants to be given for them, include:


New electric double-deck cars for the suburban system $30.5 million

Signalling improvements in the Sydney . ■ station area ’ $ 3.0 million

Signalling improvements in the Strathfield area $ 2.85 million

Work towards the quadruplication of railway line,between 'Granville and Penrith $ 8.89 million

- 2 -

Improvements to interiors of busses and trains $ 680,000

Modernisation of railway electricity sub-stations $970,000


2 additonal tracks and asociated works for the South Kensington-Footscray railway route $ 3.07 million

A 3rd track and additonal platform at intermediate stations on the Caulfield-Mordialloc line $ 4.07 million


Additional track and 2 additonal . stations on the Sunshine-Deer Park West line " $1.27 million

2nd track and platform alteration on the Macleod-Greensborogh line $810,000

Signalling improvements for railway system $ 3.66 million

Cross river rail lin^ to Roma Street station $ 5.58 million

Electrification of the suburban railway line from Darra to Ferny Grove $ 5.34 million

Additional trackage for northern corridor, Roma Street station to Northgate $ 1.41 million


Christie Downs railway extension - including additional track from Brighton to Port Stanvac - to be electrified $ 8.00 million

Glenelg tram route upgrading $530,000

New buses $870,000


Pedestrian access bridge to Central Bus Station $630,000

Bus access road from Fitzgerald Street to Central Bus Station * $160,000

New buses $900,000


Nev; buses

Ticket issuing machines


$ 100,000


— 3 *

I -rsv delighted tluii the Stefceb Stave finaily sesn their"way. _cl£ar he·', accent"this "caig^ ihitldtiTe _tH6 Aii£t!ifailsn Govsnsaartr

Tt=b Australian (hyr-er resent: hah al ready "allocated almost $73 ikill lob for proj<3Cca that sere schiMulSd t o : esssaaee cfinring ths? current financial y«ar. Se had intended to>·"· sgond" -$38· Billion during this yestr set because of delays giase-i rst only in.".settling the agreement, but also because of

f c i - . - L ? recent' interruption to the PaarliaSKShtary {oacMnery. the expenditure will nut be, an-?thing_,like that.· Tilts aeans that"urban travellers will ha:forced tr.»· wait longer before they start, to enjoy tSe-· te&efits flowing . f r t w our pro gram.

.Srojeots already_ in-the- program include nwrolling pt0cfc..£o'r rail, but arui' tram services, ..fcRe provision of additional rail" tiaek&Se,. . vtiere necessary, the creation or exclusive bua rights of way , irv certain cities end' a number. of other projects which- will improve tl5@‘ coefort"'end' cii-avetiicnce of our public- tie-sport systems.

"Ώιο final" s t e p necessary t b ' tie!" tide program under way l £ - 'the - ratification.of the agreement' by; the· Australian Parliament." 5)x? bill t£>,. . achieve this ' final1 " step., had been introduced ih_ t;>- previous Pezliaaent." but. was not 'passed" before Facfllateent"'was dlsdivedV Ilya deberaiiried to. .

reduce any. fiirther delays, t»'-’ tiu> minimus and "will ensure that 'the· necessary _ . Icgisletiob obtains- priority in the early;..-.sitting „gf the current Psrlidteent.

4 Su-ara closely ...watching. · press on. with the EJ/ba'n Public TraiiSEOtt' Vrog.reai we· have initiated. · as' the 'Treasurer stated'" "

in 'ills Budget speech last year, oxtr outlays in' this field will increase, rspidly in 1974/75 and beyosd.

v - ' - c . are folfi Alir.g...our cosasitment to improve a neglected " " 1 port o four cities, a part which must be- improved it tl iiv cifcitia are to b e at t r a c t i v e p l a c e s in- which to li ve and w o r k . . i 'expept' that'the"' benefits · vi' l L-e- flowing to the regular traveller iri' tlut near future as. eose pi' "

Ue? less costly projects that arc extremely, attractive are introduced Ιτιΐο tf.c t.fannoort system..

U j j i v b - f i - u r e c . r i I v id c z b '- - UC. -jCAiC-O