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Executions in Yugoslavia

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13 April 1973


The Prime Miniater and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Whitlam,

has sent a strong protest to the Government of Yugoslavia at their

failure to inform the Australian Government of the arrest, trial and'

execution of three persons who, as naturalised Australians, asm

regarded by Australia as having been entitled to the full protection

accorded, to all Australian nationals charged with offences against the

laws of third countries.

The protest note pointed out that Australians feelings were

stronger in view of the active measures taken by the new Australian

Government against terrorist activities in Australia.

Australia was gravely concerned that action was taken without the

.ustralian Government being informed. It sought official confirmation

■ f the deaths of the three Australian nationals and information on

ny other Australian nationals at present being held in custody in

ugoslavia on any charge. ' ·

Commenting on the Government's protest Mr Whitlam said

"ie Australian Government had a policy of clear opposition to the

se of the death penalty . He pointed out that the new Australian

ivernment had already decided - and had announced its decision

)me weeks ago - not to allow the deportation from Australia of

iy Australian citizen. .