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Prime Minister's message to Mrs Gandhi on India's National Day

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ON INDI/'S NATIONAL DlY . : . 1 .·' ' * * - : . ' ‘ 1 j v , .... v *.« * * -1 . *

The following is the text'of· a special message from

the Prime Minister, Mr E. G. Whit lam,· to the Prime ’Minister

of India, Mrs Indira Gandhi, on the occasion of India’s

commemoration of Republic Day, 2 6 ‘January: ·'·’■

1 ■·.·, · . . . - v ··- , . " .· " s c ' : . ; : r

"On behalf of the Australian Government and people,

I would like to convey my warmest"greetings to you and the

people of India on the occasion of India’s commemoration of

Republic Day. ' . . .

We in Australia are aware · . of .vour continuing efforts

to improve the welfare and prosperity of your people, and of

the many problems which you face in this great task.

Australia has been involved in assisting .India in

its long-range agricultural development programmes, amongst

other things through the provision.of stud cattle and the

establishment of a sheep breeding project at Hissar.

At the request of your Government, we have now

decided to expand this programme by establishing a dairy

cattle breeding farm adjacent to the sheep project at

; Hissar, a subsidiary farm in Assam and a s=men production


The expansion of these an earnest

of our desire to contribute to your endeavours. '


On this national day, which we share, I should like

to emphasise the importance that I place on Australia’s close

relationship with India, and my determination to expand and

consolidate the ties between our two peoples.

I believe that our Governments have many ideals and

interests in common, dedicated as they are to peace and

progress in the region of South and South-East Asia.

Finally, on this Republic Day, may I wish you and the

Indian people continued progress and prosperity in the coming