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M.A.N.S study (Letter to NEW Premier)

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(Letter to NSW Premier)

The attached letter has been sent to the Premier

of New South Wales, Mr Wran.

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; · > Pr i m e M i n i s t e r

Φ '

. Ca n b e r r a


. ' O'

: . 115 APR 1981

My dear Premier,

It is now more than four years since we agreed to the formation of a joint committee of Commonwealth and State officials to conduct the Major Airport Needs of Sydney (MANS) Study. The

committee's task was to review the likely future regular public air transport needs of the Sydney region and to recommend to the two Governments a suitable strategy for airport development, including associated surface access and land u s e .

During this period the MANS Committee has made available to our Governments and to the general public a number of documents setting out the results of the various investigations and analyses undertaken.

The last of these documents was the Abstract Report, incorporating specific recommendations, submitted by the Commonwealth members of the MANS Committee in December 1979. Since then the Commonwealth has been unable to advance the dialogue further.

There are two major and distinctly separate matters to be urgently resolved. They are:

1. the determination and securing of a suitable site for the construction of a second airport of international standard in the vicinity of Sydney to meet the contingent demands of the community from the end of the century and beyond.

Such an undertaking would take between 12 and 20 years to complete. It would involve, in 1981 values, a cost of at least $700 million and the expenditure of very large amounts in the development of surface access. There would also be substantial compensation for dwellings and other buildings demolished eri"route. .

2. the provision of adequate facilities in the Sydney area to meet the expanding needs.of Kingsford Smith' Airport during the substantial period which must inevitably elapse before a new international airport is operable.

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I stress that the two are not alternatives. They are mutually complementary. There must be a V long-term development of ' a new . airport associated with a much' more immediate expansion of existing ‘ airport facilities.

Sydney will continuejto suffer a growing loss of tourist activity as the result of the necessary diversion of international aircraft to either Melbourne or Brisbane. There will also be a detrimental effect on freight operations. This diversion will increase unless appropriate facilities

are speedily provided.

Perhaps even more important, since it vitally affects New South Wales country-dwellers, is the fact that the limitation of existing facilities at Kingsford Smith Airport will soon cause a severe cutback in commuter aircraft from that airport.

Moreover, more than 30 per cent of commuter passengers hold tickets for connecting flights for . other destinations.

There is the very urgent question, t oo, of the provision of ground facilities for the early introduction of wide-bodied aircraft on domestic routes. The provision of these facilities cannot be

appropriately planned for unless the long-term strategies for Kingsford Smith Airport are resolved.

All these matters have been well known for some years. The only practical solution which has been advanced has been the MANS Committee proposal for a close-spaced parallel runway at Mascot.

Your own Government has focussed solely - upon the identification of possible sites for the longer-term second airport. It has offered no solution to the needs of Sydney during the intervening period.

" The Commonwealth Government is deeply concerned at the likely detrimental consequences to the people of New South Wales if the current impasse is allowed to continue.

. Both the long-term and short-term issues

require the close co-operation of both Commonwealth and State Governments for their resolution.

My Government is convinced that the recommendation of the -Commonwealth members of the MANS Committee for the immediate planning for the construction of a close-spaced parallel runway is

the only possible solution to the most urgent of the two problems. "'

.. . /3 .

3 .

I invite you and your Government, therefore, to .co-operate with the Commonwealth in the determination of a site for a future second airport and in the rapid development of the close-spaced parallel runway.

v -

Yours sincerely,

(Malcotm Fraser)

The H o n . N . Wran,,Q.C., M.L.A., Premier of New South Wales, SYDNEY N.S.W. 2000