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The Qantas dispute

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Qantas1 international services have been seriously disrupted. This has arisen over a dispute concerning stewards, staffing and wage levels. In Australia there are well accepted mechanisms for settling disputes and it is a tragedy that _ they „are. not properly used. -In this case the union- resorted . — ~

to wild-cat strikes as opposed to negotiation. There can be '.·.·â–  no justification for that.

In this instance we have Qantas as Australia's international flag carrier being seriously damaged. The only advantage goes to Qantas1 international and foreign competitors.

Qantas is a great airline. It has" total backing and support from the Government and I want to thank the management and staff members who have valiantly sought to keep Qantas1 services operating in the interests of the travelling public and in the '

interests of Qantas1 and Australia's international reputation.

Mr. Dolan and the ACTU are to be condemned for soliciting international support to undermine Qantas. It is time ' Australians pulled together and worked together, and especially so in relation to an organisation such as Qantas- because this -■ disputed holds Australia to ridicule before the whole world.

There are some current negotiations proceeding and I urge - everyone'to make sure that they, end in, a just and speedy settlement of the dispute. .rf .

: :This.:is :Australia' s: airline and it's time we: aHrrr-±--.-.7'r z : supported it.