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Cocktail party, Iluka motor inn, Coolangatta

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Prime Minister:

..4 I thank those who have done the organising, and I thank : ybujall for coming,at what must have been very short notice , indeed. I". ' \ v ■ · . · . . · : . ’ ’ ■

I believe that Peter White is an ideal candidate to represent . McPherson in this bye election. It is a very tragic thing that Eric died so suddenly. In politics it is always possible to have arguments, and I think we all know that and understand that. But, nothing has ever:diminished my respect for Eric and the ■ · ■ work he has done for the Liberal Party, work he has done for the Liberal Party, not just in Queensland but throughout Australia

as the Minister and-iasua.-Federal Parliamentarian. I believe that it is fitting indeed.that Peter has been chosen to carry" on that.tradition and w o r k .for the Liberal Party and the Federal coalition. .■■·â– ;·â– . ·.··;■ · ■ ; . ■ ■ · · . . .■.·.·â–  " ·

Things are sometimes different between the State and the Commonwealth and I haven't the slightest doubt that Peter is a very strong supporter of the Federal coalition, the Fraser Anthony team, and that he will be able to contribute very constructively to the better government of the Commonwealth, and look.-after the interests of all the people in this particular electorate. This is the sort of person that we want.

Because government is so important, and because the issues are so fundamental to the kind of lives that we all lead, I very much want to find Peter joining the Liberal team in Canberra when the Parliament meets on February 24. I haven't

the slightest doubt that that is going to be the result of this bye election..

But nothing happens by chance, without effort, and it is going to,take a good deal of work, some committed support. Tamie and I are going to be back in a couple of weeks to again participate in What way we can in this campaign.

Mr Chairman, I have a quarrel to pick with you. You may not be aware of it. You said that Peter could speak and then somebody you implied was either heavier or weightier or whatever, would speak after, but in an election, in a bye election, it is the

candidate that is important, and it is the candidate that people are going to have to vote for. So it doesn't matter here what anyone thinks of me. It doesn't matter at all. It is totally irrelevant. What does matter is that you work and vote for Peter White in this particular bye election.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the Liberal Party we are embarked on a great adventure and this is part of it. The election in 1975 was the first stepping stone, and I think it is so easy to forget the difficulties -and problems, the fear that people felt. I can

remember man# people in the latter months of 1975, especially those who had come to make·their homes here from eastern Europe, from lands that had been overturned by the Soviet Union way or another but engulfed by Communism, saying that if

. . . / 2

the Liberals did not get in, if we did not win an election, .

if we did not get an election so that people could freely express their votes and wishes about what would happenoto.ithe future of Australia, they would leave this country and find some other country. They were frightened of what was happening. They were concerned.. They had seen the kind of decay and

disruption that was part of Australia in 1974 and 1975, in other lands. They did not want to stay here and see it engulf them again; So that election was the first stepping stone on a , great venture indeed.. ^ , " · ■

:Vo,· ' : V.

There have been two elections since which have been well and substantially won. right throughout the Commonwealth. Again, a majority of seats and a majority of voters have given us their confidence and,their support. .

But I think you would all understand that what we in the Liberal Party are all about is not just Consumer.:.Price Indexes, reduction indices, being able to export more to the markets around the world, not just about saying competitors or having a growing economy, it is about the kind of life we can lead

for ourselves and the kind of country we can build for our children. The-freedom.which is so much an inherited part of . everything that is Australian and which is so often taken for granted by second, third and fourth.generations, I suspect

is much more appreciated by people who have come here from lands and countries that have lost their freedom totally and know what it is to lose the most precious thing of all. It is the Liberal Party which is the principal custodian of these values

and of these virtues; without which many people have judged in the past, that life was hot worth living. .

As a very significant and important part of our philosophy, we believe that every person matters, and matters very . greatly and that we need to be conscious of the effect of our policies-^on people in everything that we do. These are

things, I believe - the strength of the philosophy of the Liberal Party, the importance we place on people within the Australian society, our capacity to devise policies which, match the needs and aspirations of all people in the Australian community - these are things that distinguish

the Liberal Party from any other political party that has ever been born or operated in Australia.

These are pre-eminently the reasons why Peter White deserves and should get your support on the 21st, and I think these are reasons why Peter; .White- is going to have one of the most substantial majorities ever, when that bye election -takes place.

This evening is for eating and drinking a little, and meeting people informally, and if I say anything more it is going to be a speech., and it not meant to be that, but let me thank you all for coming. Tamie and I are both looking forward to being

up here in a week or 10 days time, and she is sorry she was

not here today but there are still nine days of the school holidays and Phoebe goes back on Monday or Tuesday. But in a couple of weeks we will both be here, and we want to do whatever work we can for Peter White's campaign. I am sure that you will all do »

the same, and I am sure that campaign will be successful. I know that Peter White will be a very staunch advocate for all the people of McPherson, and a very staunch supporter of my government

' · ·.■. / 3


and the Federal coalitiOnoh of the Fraser^Anthony team and their objectives 1 believe that are worth fighting for.

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen for coming here tonight. Has anyone got a cold beer?

0 O 0

'.· r·