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Comment on Senator Primmer's statement

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Senator Primmer 1s claims and assertions in his statement

concerning the purchase of new fighter aircraft by the " RAAF are completely false. It is further evidence that the ALP is becoming desperate and will resort to any action in its attempt to mislead the electorate. '

When the RAAF is ready to recommend a type of aircraft ยท

to replace its Mirages, it will do so - on technical grounds alone.. I do not know what the RAAF's recommendation

will be. ' ' ' .

It is far too early to speculate about'the nature of any offset projects resulting from the purchase of either type

of aircraft or the location. I can say, however, that both General Dynamics and McDonnell Douglas are considering the establishment of a titanium sponge plant as part of the offset, in the event of a decision to purchase their aircraft. Sites all over Australia have been considered.

It will be the company concerned, not the government, which the final location.

Senator Primmer's report is scurrilous and untrue.

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