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The campaign ahead

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J)7 A U S T K A L 1 A„;>



3 October 1980


The polls certainly indicate that it will be a hard fight. Over the next two weeks the campaign will focus on the central issues - first the economic record of the Government, a record

of responsibility and achievement, compared with the expenditure plans of the Labor Party which would be disastrous for Australia's newly found economic strength.

But Labor's expenditure plans are just the tip of the iceberg. - To them must be added the accommodating attitude of the Labor Party to the trade union movement; its determination, as outlined in its Party Platform, and proven by its past record, to place

the union movement above the law. Inevitably, inflation will approach 20% under a Labor Government, destroy economic recovery, precipitating unemployment and jeopardising our international standard. · ■ Labor's policies represent a desperate attempt to purchase electoral support by a Party which is desperate to . .

conceal the extent of its extravagance and irresponsibility from the Australian voters.

Not only has the Labor Party always believed in big government and high taxes; but also it has practiced this attitude and is committed to it by successive statements on high taxation and big spending that have.come from the Labor leadership over the past three years. Any attempt to present the Labor Party as a Party of restraint, responsibility and tax reform will be as futile as it is deceptive.

The second great issue of this campaign concerns defence and foreign policy. The Labor Party have none. They have ignored the issue because they are frightened to'speak about it.

They are beholden to the Socialist Left Wing of the Party. They know that under the influence of the Socialist Left they would be unable to co-operate with the United States and our regional allies, and it is on this co-operation that

Australia's security rests.

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It is because of our policies that Australia now stands at the beginning of the 80's with a record in economic achievement unrivalled by many advanced industrialised economies. This record has opened up opportunities for Australia which are a

direct consequence of the Government's successful strategies. We should never forget the picture of a strong economy with increasing trade, new markets, and growing employment is a picture in stark contrast to the dispirited Australia we f

inherited in 1975. , '

Our policies will continue to place Australia first. They won't be altered because there are unfavourable polls. We have not made expedient adjustment to our policies over the past five years and we are certainly not going to start now.

The choice facing Australians on October 18 is becoming increasingly clear. It is a choice between the responsibility, achievement and concern for national security that has been

evident in all that we have done; and a Labor Party whose formulation of policies over the past three years has' been a succession of sell-outs to the Socialist Left.

I am confident that when they make that choice, Australians will return the Fraser/Anthony Government because the decisions that we have taken over five years have been decisions which,

in all cases, have put Australia and Australians first. .