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Julius dam

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■ Λ - The Prime M inister, Mr Malcolm Fraser, said today : f|". that# on return to o ffic e , h is Government would prpvide $250 #000 to the City of Mount Isa to a s s is t fmrther-in :rthe - S- flftht Servicing -problems associated with the Julius Dam»

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v: The Commonwealth has previously provided a loan of - >

,j $2 million to a s s is t In the construction o f the dam: and

provided a grant of $325,000 to a s s is t the ^Council in i t s ? . , f borrowing program. I t also allocated $500*000 in .1978-79 v V and $250,000 in. 1979-βΟ to the Mount Isa City Council to :: .1; reduce the debt burden of i t s loan commitments. Mr Fraser i

went on to say th at the additional assistance th a t is now : * to be made available was further evidence of hie Government's ■ 7' concern for the p articu lar problems faced by people a t Mount jf Isa who already incur very high water charges. I t also ............

;’ -T demonstrates the clear commitment hy the Commonwealth to the: ■zk 1 development of the north-

I; The Prime M inister said th a t A ustralia was universally

H recognised as a dry continent and water^was van ^essential I prerequisite to the development of the nation. -··. This development -§ could not occur unless the Commonwealth adopted a sympathetic ,-v if and re a lis tic Attitude towards the d iffic u ltie s faced by jpeople & ih remote communities. The Government, hy i t s actions# clearly : ,

/ demonstrates i t s concern to minimise the d iffic u ltie s faced by ........

B; such communities. * H r F r & s e r c o n c l u d e d b v n o t i n c P t i i e A d d i t i o n a l 'M sisfc a r tc e