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$20M bonding shop to boost space age defence technology

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23 September 1980


Minister for Productivity $20M BONDING SHOP TO BOOST


"Australia’s capacity to meet future defence requirements has been given a $20 million boost," the Minister for . Productivity, 'M r . Kevin Newman, said today.

$20 million is to be spent on a new bonding plant to be

built at the Government Aircraft Factory at Fishermen’s Bend in Melbourne.

"The plant will produce new materials for building planes, based on spaceage technology," Mr. Newman said.

"By building the plant, Australia will keep up with aircraft manufacturers around the world who are using these latest bonded materials which include carbon fibre composites.

"The new materials are remarkable. They provide great strength with startling reductions in weight. "

"They have special value in military aircraft. The materials reduce radar reflection and as a result aircraft are less easily detected.

"The new plant.will be of immediate and vital importance in relation to the RAA F ’s new tactical fighter.

"Another exciting feature in building this facility is that it will greatly expand our ability to design airplanes in Australia. ·

"Another dramatic decision is to purchase a sophisticated machine for the sculpture of complex aircraft p a r t s . " V The machine will be controlled by its own computer. , .._ It wilL.._be_„one. .of, the_ largest-_single precision machines

in any Australian factory. It will cost almost $3 million.

"Other investments in machinery and buildings totalling $30 million are being made in our defence factories producing aircraft engines, aircraft components, munitions- and other defence equipment."

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Equipment in this program includes:

^ a second 5-axis numerically controlled profiler;

. a stretch-forming press;

. a 3-axis numerically-controlled profiler; .

. a flow forming machine.

"The decision to invest in this new plant and equipment is part of the Government's plan to keep our defence factories capable of producing modern defence equipment," Mr. Newman said.

"It is one of the key elements in maintaining Australia's defence capability."

Further information from:

Roy Muir Minister's Office (003) 314322

Win Munday Department of Productivity (062) 482809