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Munitions filling factory has good safety record

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Minister for Productivity

Media Release

I . ' ■


Date 6 August 1980

Number 80/38


Statement by the Minister for Productivity, Mr Kevin Newman

The Minister for Productivity, Mr Kevin Newman, said today that the Commonwealth Government's Munitions Filling Factory at St Marys, NSW, had a good safety record since it started operations in 1957. " ■

The Minister said that, because of the nature of the factory's 6 activities, which involved explosives filling of various types of ammunition, rigid safety and occupational health procedures are laid down in all sections of the factory.

Mr Newman was replying to media reports that employees were concerned over health risks at the factory. He said elaborate precautions are taken to protect employees at work, and that management is very conscious of its responsibilities to the nearby community. .

"The factory makes every endeavour to observe state legislation on pollution control; it enforces extensive programs for eye and hearing protection, and special clothing and footwear is issued to employees. Emphasis is given to safety in induction programs, and factory safety officers regularly follow up safety training.

"Personnel are encouraged to observe all possible safety improve­ ments and, through the factory suggestions scheme, are invited to alert management to potential hazards". .

Mr Newman said he was concerned that two doctors who were .

reported to be investigating health risks at the factory should apparently wish to remain anonymous. .

"I urge them to contact the management and occupational health authorities about the precise nature of their concern about the incidence of those specific diseases and chemical fumes which may be considered a .problem.".

Mr. Newman said he would ensure that the allegations, many of which were not specific, would be investigated. This would involve consultation with other Commonwealth authorities who occupy the area and with the Commonwealth Department of Health, who provide


an occupational health service to the factory,;

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