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Boost for innovation in building and construction techniques

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28 November 1979 No. PR 79^£P


Ray Groom Minister for Housing and Construction

1 The Government is to increase its support for

private sector research and development in the building and

construction industry.

Industrial research grants will be made available

to companies for the development of new and improved building

products, processes and systems.

In addition, full financial support will be provided

for selected- industrial research projects into alternative

housing forms and for innovative pilot programs which are

considered to be in the public interest.

. In a joint announcement today Mr Ian Macphee, the

Minister for Productivity and Mr Ray Groom, the Minister for

Housing and Construction, said the new support would come

from an extension of the scope of the Industrial Research

and Development Incentives Act.

. From 1 July 1980, industrial research grants will

be available to companies for the development of new and

improved building products, processes and systems.

Under the revised Act, commencement grants will be

provided to encourage small and medium sized firms in the

industry to set up a research and development capacity.

Support covering 50 percent of eligible company expenditures

would be available, subject to an annual ceiling of $25,000.

Ian Macphee Minister for Productivity

. . . / 2


Project grants would cover up to 50 percent of

company research and development expenditures on approved :

projects, with an annual limit of $500,000 per company.

The Ministers said:

"The building and construction industry is characterised

by a large number of small firms and the commencement grants

provided under the Industrial Research and Development

Incentives Act should prove extremely effective in stimulating

increased productivity throughout the industry."

"Measures to improve building productivity are an

important means of offsetting current and future cost pressures."

"Research and development grants of 50 percent of

company project expenditures are expected to encourage

increased innovative effort in all aspects of building and

construction including foundations and footing systems, on- '

site concrete technology, beam designs, fire proofing and

insulation materials."

"The Government will be giving particular attention

to providing full support for public interest industrial

research projects with the potential to lead to low cost

housing options across the spectrum of conventional houses,

multi-unit dwellings, and transportable and mobile forms."

"Proposals for innovative pilot programs with the

potential for major productivity improvements in building

processes and systems will also be given careful consideration."

"The present initiatives represent an important

step in ensuring that the momentum generated by the Housing

Costs Inquiry is maintained."

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