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Execution of former Iranian Prime Minister

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THE HON. A N D R E W PEACOCK M.P. No. M27 D ate 9 April 1979


The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Andrew Peacock, .said today that he deplored the execution of the former Prime Minister of Iran, Mr Amir Abbas Hoveyda, on 7 April. '

Mr Peacock said that the execution was carried out on the same day as Mr Hoveyda was tried and found guilty of several alleged political and criminal offences at a trial conducted in secret and without any right of appeal.

The Australian Government had welcomed the announcement in mid-March that the Ayatollah Khomeini had ordered the suspension of further secret trials after some 70 Iranian military officers and officials had been summarily executed after secret political trials, conducted by revolutionary courts. The resumption of

revolutionary trials on 6 April was a matter for regret and concern to all countries who believed in the right of fair and open trials for all accused of political or criminal offences. It has been reported that nearly 90 death sentences have been carried out by the revolutionary courts and that trials are continuing.

Mr Peacock expressed the hope that in future all Iranians would enjoy the right to a fair and open trial