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Civilian employment series revised upwards

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The Hon. Ian Viner, MP sas/i9


The Minister for Employment and Youth Affairs, Mr Viner, said today that he was pleased to note the improvement in civilian employment that had taken place over the previous 12 months. Mr Viner was commenting on data released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics which showed in July 1979,

that there were 4,981,300 persons employed as wage and salary earners. This was 59,800 higher than July 1978.

The release of these statistics had been delayed while the Bureau revised the series. It has been.known for some time that the series has been understated. On the revised basis, the figures for June 1979 are 211,000 higher than previously published.

Mr Viner said that of the rise during the year, 44,300 or 74% had been in the private sector.

Interpretation of the data on a monthly basis is difficult to make since the Bureau has yet to produce a revised seasonally adjusted series. Mr Viner pointed out that falls in the

series between June and July were normally expected for seasonal reasons. However, this year there had been no movement at all between the 2 months and, as a result, Mr Viner said he regarded the figures for June and July very favourably, particularly given the increase of 59,300 in the year to June 1979 - by far the

largest increase over the past 4 years.

Canberra ACT 24 October 1979