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Public service reforms

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'The reforms are intended to amplify and strengthen the rights of individual officers and while doing this the measures sig­ nificantly improve the effectiveness of the promotions and appeals system.', he said.

Mr Viner said he was pleased that most of the measures decided by the Government had arisen out of positive consultation by the Public Service Board and staff associations.

Mr Viner noted that the Royal Commission on Australian Govern­ ment Administration had commented on the valuable review of the promotion appeals system then being conducted by the Board and Joint Council.

Specific reforms endorsed by the Royal Commission include:

. the removal of seniority as a factor in


. a revised definition of efficiency: .

. . advertisement of vacancies;

. giving of reasons to unsuccessful applicants and appellants;

. and term arrangements for the Chairmen of Appeal Committees.

Mr Viner added thait further details are contained in the Public Service Board's 1979 Annual Report, .which was tabled in the Parliament on 12 September 1979.