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Renovation of part of Narrabundah

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29 June 1979



The Minister for the Capital Territory, Mr. Bob Ellicott,

today announced a program to regenerate a' large part

of Narrabundah. The National Capital Development

Commission,, in conjunction with the Department of the

Capital Territory, has drafted a program of community

consultation, surveys and construction works leading to

the upgrading of government housing, redevelopment on

sites where houses are beyond economical renovation,

and the improvement of local open space and of public

amenities generally. It is intended that a procedure

of community consultation will be established similar

to that used in the·Causeway redevelopment in which

people were consulted about the design and siting of

new housing and the selection of architectural details,

such as colours of walls and roofs, etc. .

In recent months the Minister has received submissions

from various groups expressing concern about the

physical environment of parts of Narrabundah.


In the period 1947-1950 some 360 prefabricated houses

were erected by the Government between Matina Street

and Kootara Crescent (sections 104-123 - see map) to

house construction workers. The houses are quite

small (60-80 square metres) and many still have laundry

■.and toilet facilities in a separate location. While

some of the houses appear to be in good condition, many

are n o t . . -

Mr Ellicott said: "During the next 2-3 months the r

houses will be inspected to assess their physical

condition to determine those which can be economically

renovated and those which should be demolished. The

planning and design of selected aspects of the project

will be developed in association with the residents of

the area in order to give them the opportunity to

contribute proposals on how best to improve both their

private accommodation and the general amenity of the


"This arrangement had worked very satisfactorily with

Causeway residents and I believe that it will also be

very satisfactory to the Narrabundah people. Not that

I expect Narrabundah to be redeveloped in exactly the

. . ,/3


way that the Causeway was, but I do' believe that the

same close relationship between the residents and the

authorities should exist and will lead to a mutually

satisfactory result."

"While I do not wish to predetermine the outcome of

this project I hope that it will be possible to

provide a wider range of housing types and designs

than currently exists and that the renovation program

" ■ can achieve a mix of private and government housing."

"A public meeting will be held within the next. 2 weeks

to discuss the”program with' the residents and a paper

containing suggested policies and procedures will be

available for public discussion by early August."

"Timing for the program will depend on the degree of

public co-operation and acceptance and the availability

of funds, however, I hope that the residents will welcome

this initiative and support it enthusiastically. It

should be possible to begin physical work early in 1980

and I expect the whole program to proceed over several

years. That way communities are not unduly disrupted but

material progress can be achieved."

The Minister stressed that residents should not feel any

sense of insecurity about the matter. The Minister also

stressed that the program was provisional only and was being

released for community consultation. In the light of

that consultation final decisions would be made by the

N .C .Die. and himself.