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Existing fuel restrictions to continue

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The Minister for the Capital Territory , Mr Bob Ellicott, said this evening

that he understood that following consideration of the oil industry dispute

by the Conciliation and Arbitration Commission there was still no resolution

of the matter.

Until the outcome was k n o w existing restrictions would continue. The !

situation would be reassessed on Monday. When the strike ends it would

still be necessary to continue some form of rationing until there are

adequate supplies of fuels available for all users.

The greatest problem at present, the Minister said, was the extreme shortage

of distillate and furnace oil which are used in larger heating systems. Some

establishments had already exhausted their supplies but the Controller of f

Fuels was endeavouring to arrange deliveries as soon as possible.

Mr Ellicott said that there had. been suggestions that some service stations

were overcharging for petrol. He warned that if such allegations were

substantiated he would have no hesitation in introducing price control on petrol.

The Controller of Fuels would also freeze stocks to prevent blackmarketing

and profiteering, ■

The system of rationing and control of oil companies and service stations

operations "Was being reviewed with a view to achieving an arrangement fair

and equitable to all parties. "

Mr Ellicott expressed his appreciation for the excellent co-operation from

oil companies, service stations, the media and the general public during

the last few days. He felt assured that this co-operation would continue

until the present emergency was over. .

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