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Crisis over severe housing problems for young unemployed

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ιϊ: ' 0. ,- > ! C A P IT A L TERRITORY

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Representatives of the Department of the Capital Territory, Jobless Action, the

ACT Trades and Labour Council, Foundry, and People without Homes met this

afternoon, to discuss further the problem of accommodating young unemployed people

facing severe housing problems.

It was indicated at the meeting that requests for government action would be

forthcoming from a number'·of bommunity agencies in the ACT. The representatives

present said that the crisis had been created by the high level of continuing

unemployment in Canberra. ·

There was agreement between the parties that many young single people would benefit

from the opportunity to pool their resources on a group basis. Departmental officers

pointed out, however, that with the stock, of government houses being limited, the

competing needs of the various categories had to be properly weighed in formulating

any change in policy. The community groups represented at the meeting maintained

that groups of people should have the same access as families have to government houses.

The Department has invited community organisations to present -submissions in support.

Jobless Action has offered to coordinate these submissions.


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