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Athllon Drive stage 2 - temporary road closures

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1, The first part of the contract is to be opened to traffic

on Tuesday, March 27th. Traffic will then use the southern

section of the new road and the deviation of Melrose Drive

between the Marist College and Phillip Vehicle Testing Station.

This will reduce considerably the volume of traffic past the

Marist College and the Melrose High School.

2. The intersection of Hodgson Crescent and Melrose Drive is

to be reconstructed and to facilitate this it will be necessary

to deviate traffic during the first week of the changeover. As*

soon as this reconstruction is completed traffic will use both

carriageways of the new Melrose Drive.

3. The existing-three way intersection of Melrose Drive and

Athllon Drive near the Southlands Shopping Centre is also to be

reconstructed to convert it to a four-way intersection. To

improve safety and convenience during this period of change the

traffic lights will be disconnected for about three weeks and

the existing section of Melrose Drive between Athllon Drive and

Beasley Street (past the Melrose High School playing fields)

will be closed to traffic.

4. When these alterations are completed and the intersection

is operating under four-way traffic signal control, works will

be carried in front of the two schools to improve safety and

amenity. This section of road is to be re-named Marr Street.

5. The final stage of the project is to extend Athllon Drive

from its new intersection with the deviation of Melrose Drive

to Hindmarsh Drive. This work is in progress and should be

completed early in the second half of this year.

23 March 1979


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