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The tourist industry in the A.C.T.

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The future development of the ACT tourist industry would he the subject of

an inquiry this year by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the A C T , the

Minister for the Capital Territory, Mr Bob Ellicott, announced today.

He said the,. Committee would announce later the date on which the hearings

would begin. . r ' ' - * ■

Mr Ellicott said that late last year he had discussions with the Committee

chairman, Senator John Knight, who had expressed keen interest in the

development of the tourist industry irt the Territory.

"As a result of these discussions I wrote to the Committee asking that it

conduct such an inquiry and was pleased to receive advice that it was

willing to do so," the Minister said. , '


The inquiry was needed because it was essential that appropriate plans be made

for the future to ensure!that discerning travellers of the 1980s obtained

increasing satisfaction from their visits to Canberra. The Committee's

inquiry and findings would give direction^ to the Department of the Capital

Territory in the formulation of policies on tourism and strategies to

cater for the growth of the industry.

"We must of course adopt policies that will safeguard the special character

of the national capital ^ the very essence of what visitors wish to see,"

Mr Ellicott said.

In this connection the inquiry could give a lead in ensuring that in a period

of likely rapid tourism growth, the environment of the Territory and the

lifestyle of its residents would be protected.

The Minister said he was convinced that future tourism would offer increasing

benefits so far as the development and economic growth of Canberra was

concerned. It would help also in building a spirit of national unity and

pride among all Australians.

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Its importance to the city even now could be gauged from the fact that

the number of visitors was about 2.6 million a year. Such an impressive

figure underscored tourism's present value to the local economy and

workforce, and indicated its huge potential. .



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