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Extension of area for nude bathing

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The Minister for the Capital Territory, Mr Bob Ellicott, announced today he

had approved, with effect from 14 February , an extension of the area for

nude bathing on the Murrumbidgee River.

Mr Ellicott said the new area was from a point about 200 metres downstream

from the lower carpark at the Kambah pool but because of the layout of the

area and tree cover it could not be seen from that park. ■

Mr Ellicott said that though he would have preferred that the extended area

be separated by a greater distance from the public carpark the rocks and

general roughness of. the terrain was such that any lesser extension would

not have provided any useable extra bathing area. ' .


The extension also met the needs of increased patronage and would provide

easier access for aged and physically handicapped people and for emergency

services in the event of accidents. ·

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Mr Ellicott said he sought on 16 January public reaction to the concept of

extending the nude bathing area and all but one of those who responded

favoured the extension. ,

The Member for Canberra, Mr John Haslem, who supports the extension, visited

the Kambah swimming facilities recently and spoke to both nude and other

bathers and found no opposition to the proposal.

Mr Ellicott said he visited the area last August but did-not agree to

extend it then because it was seasonally not a suitable time to seek views

of Canberra citizens on the concept. '

The extended area will be clearly signposted from a point approximately

150 metres downstream from the lower carpark. A signpost will also be

erected at the northern boundary. .

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