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Army's 28-volt generator sparks overseas sales potential

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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1979 ^ NO. 225/79


A distribution agreement for the Army's 28-volt

generator, developed by the Department of Defence Engineering

Design Establishment, could bring significant sales both in

Australia and overseas. ■

The agreement, awarding a distributorship for sales

and service throughout Australasia and Oceania, was arranged

with Aviation Engineering Supplies,Ansett Transport Industries

(Operations) Pty Ltd., Melbourne by the Department of Productivity

In the past, 28-volt generators, fitted to many

types of military and commercial vehicles, were unreliable,

expensive to maintain and the user needed to hold a wide

inventory of repair parts.

In 1969, the Army tasked the Engineering Design

Establishment to design a 28-volt generator suitable

for all types of vehicles.

The EDE-designed generator has a number of unusual -*

features and advantages not offered by currently available

commercial generators.

These include: elimination of rotor windings, brushes

and sliding contacts; location of the regulator and rectifier

within the generator housing, but easily accessible for repair

. . ./2


or replacement; and reduction in the number of repair parts

and sub-assemblies.

As well, the current output can be set to any one of

three different levels with ease.

To date, the Army, through Materiel Branch and

Logistic Command, has ordered some 2,600 generators and

ancillary equipment from the Ordnance Factory Maribyrnong, Vic.,

which is manufacturing the generators at a rate of about

100 a month.

These generators are for fitting to vehicles now in

service including the M113 armoured tracked vehicles, LARC V

amphibious vehicles, LCM8. landing craft, wheeled radio vehicles

and most engineer construction vehicles and for new Army

vehicles which use 28-volt systems.

Several transport companies and semi-government bodies

now have the Army generator on trial.

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