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Integration of defence force pay centres

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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1979. NO. 186/79


The three separate offices, that currently control

between them, 35 percent of the annual Defence vote, or more than

$900 million, are to be amalgamated into one central organisation

next Monday, September 10.

The new organisation, the Defence Force Pay

Accounting Centre, (DEFPAC), an integration of the current Navy,

Army, and Air Force pay accounting centres, will be located

adjacent to the Victorian Defence Offices, in St. Hilda Road,


The entire staffs of the three service pay

centres, totalling 247 persons, v/ill be transferred to DEFPAC.

The integration of the pay centres will allow

for greater work specialisation, and consequently an improved

service to the 70,100 servicemen and women who will be on DEFPAC's


It is estimated that every fortnight DEFPAC will

pay $33 million in salaries and allowances, make 180,000 deductions

from those salaries, totalling $11 million, and pay 190,000

allotments of $8 million.

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