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Army supply system to be modernised

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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1979. NO. 181/79


The Minister for Defence, Mr D.J. Killen, today

announced plans for the modernisation of the Army's supply

system throughout Australia.

The plans, which follow a detailed study of

the supply system carried out by an Army team, would result

in the concentration of supply activity into fewer locations,

together with modernisation of facilities and some changes

to present systems.

Mr Killen said that the Army supply system

currently operated from more than 50 locations dispersed

throughout Australia. Many facilities were old, with most , ψ

having been built as temporary structures during World War

The proposed changes recognised the present,

and foreseeable needs of the Army.

Mr Killen added that other considerations such

as security, operating costs and the standard of existing

working accommodation, . also necessitated substantial modernisation

of existing Army supply facilities and systems.

The planned modernisation would take place over

a number of years and would be subject to the availability of

funds and other resources. Although large capital expenditure

would be involved, the resultant savings would be substantial.

Mr Killen said that the modernisation plans

envisaged the closure of some existing depots, the expansion

of others, and some rearrangement of depot functions.

Implementation of the plans could result in the

redeployment, or ultimate retirement, of civilian employees

at some depots. Discussions on this aspect had already begun

between the Department of Defence, the Public Service Board,

the'ACTU and CAGEO.

(An attachment to this Press Release

summarizes development plans).

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Further Inquiries: Captain Brian Cummins 65 2999 (office hours)


Development Proposals

Wallangarra„ This depot situated near Tenterfield

is to be developed into a major ammunition depot and general

stores holding. It is proposed to construct 17 additional

ammunition storehouses and some increase in employment can

be expected although not until at least 1985.

Myambat (Denman). . This depot situated near

Muswellbrook is also to be developed and some long term

increase in employment is likely but cannot be quantified

at this time.

Moorebank NSW and Broadmeadows V IC. Major

development is planned in both these locations to introduce

automated high-rise modern warehousing facilities similar

to those constructed for the RAAF at Regents Park NSW.

Some manpower increases are possible from 1983 at Moorebank

arising from the expansion of the ammunition storage facilities.

Reduction Proposals

Marranqaroo N S W . Relocation of ammunition stocks

to Moorebank from June 1980 to June 1984 will enable the

closure of this installation. .

Ettamogah N SW. Subject to disposal or relocation

of the stocks of ammunition currently held at Ettamogah the

installation should close some time after December 1984.

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• j ·

Gladstone S A . Relocation of stocks from Gladstone

to Smithfield/Penfield will be completed by June 1980

enabling the installation to be closed.

Sprinqhill W A . Under an agreement with the RAN

reduced ammunition stocks will be relocated to their Byford

installation and Springhill closed sometime shortly after

December 1979.

South Kensington V I C . It is proposed to amalgamate

33 Supply Battalion South Kensington with 32 Supply Battalion

Broadmeadows progressively, commencing this year. It is

expected that the final amalgamation will not proceed until

new facilities are developed at Broadmeadows in 1985/86. No

significant reduction in staffing is expected before June . s 1983, however some staff will become surplus to requirements

progressively from mid 1980.

Penrith N S W . It is planned to close the Penrith

depot by transferring stocks elsewhere post 1985.

Macrossan QL D . It is planned to relocate all but

very slow moving stores from Macrossan to Townsville and

retain the Macrossan installation on virtually a care and

maintenance basis only by 1985.

Ingleburn NSW, Seymour VIC, and Midland W A . A

concentration at the nearby depots at Moorebank NSW,


3 "

Puckapunyal V i.c and Guildford WA will allow closure of

these depots f.'rom 1982. Until the workload in the new

location is assessed it will not be practical to

determine tho staffing levels required.

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