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Electronics study for new ships

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WEDNESDAY. JULY 1 1 , 1 979 NO. 155/79

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A $150,000 contract has been let to an American .

firm to study testing requirements for a range of electronic

modules to be used in Australia's ,new guided missile frigates


The Minister for Defence, Mr. D.J. Killen, said today

that the company, Sperry Systems Management, was a prime contractor

to the US Navy FFG project and had extensive experience in support

requirements for the FFG weapons systems.

Mr Killen said that the electronic modules were the

building blocks of the electronic equipment installed in the new


Current repair practice was to isolate faults to a

particular unit or module within the system and replace it with

a spare. The defective, unit was then removed to a test and

repair facility for correction of the fault.

Mr. Killen said that the introduction of the

guided missile frigates, into the RAN would necessitate the .

establishment of a test and repair capability to service the high

proportion of electronic modules fitted in these ships.

Sperry Systems Management's task would involve providing

information to form a basis for the RAN to determine what facilities

would be needed in establishing a test and repair capability..



- The company would survey major American FFG electronic

equipment manufacturers to determine test and. repair requirements

for electronic modules fitted in FFGs. Initially, the USN intended

to rely on·equipment manufacturers to provide test and repair

services. ,

The study would identify the hardware and software |eing

developed in America to support USN FFG-s.

Decisions, would then be made on how best to transfer this

technology to Australia, making best use of the existing Australian j industrial base. · . . - · . ■ e

Thre; e guided missile frigates are on order from the US

for the RAN. The first, HMAS Adelaide, is due to

the RAN next year.. . . .

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