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Government decision: tin ores and concentrates

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(Joint statement by the Rt Hon. J.D. Anthony, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for.Trade and Resources, the Rt Hon. Phillip Lynch, Minister for Industry and Commerce, and the Hon. Ual. Fife, Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs)

The Ministers for Trade and Resources, Industry and Commerce and Business and Consumer Affairs today announced the Government's decision on the Industries Assistance Commission's report on tin ores and concentrates.

The Ministers said the Government had accepted the thrust of the Commission' recommendations for removal of export controls (other than the controls required by Australia's obligations under the International Tin Agreement).

However, the Government had decided to phase the removal of the controls over 1980 and 1981 because of concern that immediate removal could lead to a sudden reduction in the supply of tin concentrates uhich would jeopardise the smelting industry's capacity to adjust to lower levels of activity, or find alterĀ­ native concentrate supplies.

Accordingly the Government has decided that a limited extension of export controls should be implemented whereby in 1980 export permits would be granted to miners on the basis that supplies to Australia's established smelter were maintained at not less than three-quarters of the miner's deliveries in 1978-79, while in 1981 the proportion would be further reduced to one-half.

. Export controls (other than for International Tin Agreement purposes) would cease at the end of 1981.

The Commission recommended assistance for the tin smelting industry through payment of a bounty for three years on the production in Australia of primary refined tin.

In view of the decision to phase out export controls, the Government had decided that the bounty would be payable on the production of primary refined tin for three years in respect only of any additional concentrate supplies uhich miners deliver to the established smelter above the specified minimum level, at

a rate of $50 per tonne on refined tin produced.

Copies of the Commission's Report will be available in the near future from the Australian Government Publishing Service retail bookshops in each of the capital cities.


16 November, 1979.