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Liberal Party dispute in New South Wales

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SENATOR DURACK - I am aware of the publication to which Senator Messner refers. The matter is under consideration at

the moment.

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SENATOR CAVANAGH - I direct my question to the Leader of the

Government in the Senate, although perhaps it should be directed to the Attorney-General and the Minister represen­ ting the Minister for Administrative Services. In relation to the Commonwealth officers who made inquiries into the upheaval in the North Sydney Branch of the Liberal Party, was there a belief that there had been a breach of Common­ wealth laws or was there a belief that there was some danger

to security that necessitated the application of

Commonwealth officers to that inquiry?

SENATOR DURACK - I presume that Senator.Cavanagh's question is really directed at some publicity which has been given to an investigation into the method by which Mr Twaddell recorded a telephone conversation. The facts of the matter are that my attention was drawn to a statement made by Mr Twaddell on 'PM' on the Thursday night before last. In that

interview on 'PM' he said he had illegally taped a telephone conversation that he had withh Dr Solomon, as a result of

which I asked my Department to investigate the matter. The

matter is still under consideration.

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SENATOR CAVANAGH - Will you give us a report? .

SENATOR DURACK - When I have completed my consideration of it I will certainly indicate to the Senate what I propose to


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Organised Crime

SENATOR DURACK - On 19 September 1979 (Hansard, page 782) Senator Puplick asked me a question, without notice, concerning the penetration of organised crime into

Australia. .

The Minister for Administrative Services has vided the following information:

The Commissioner, Australian Federal Police (AFP)

has advised that within the limits of relevant . . legislation, the policy of the AFP will be to

continue to monitor any activities with organised crime connections which call for investigation and to take appropriate action when offences against the law are detected.

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SENATOR DURACK - On 11 October 1979 (Hansard, page 1213), Senator O'Byrne asked me a question without notice, relating