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Film censorship

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THE PRESIDENT - I interpret the question that you are now

asking, Senator, as a question additional to your first; that it is not a matter of seeking to elicit information in amplification of the reply given to the initial question. I

call Senator Maunsell.

SENATOR GEORGES - Mr President —

THE PRESIDENT - Order. I have ruled on that matter.

SENATOR GEORGES - I trust that the ruling will be strictly adhered to as far as supplementary questions are concerned

in the future.

* * * * *

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SENATOR MASON - My question is addressed to the

Attorney-General who is in charge of film censorship and classification. In view of changing community sexual attitudes, will the Minister consider introducing a new film classification to modify the present R rating for restricted

viewing? Could that R classification remain for films which have a restricted viewing because of their sexual content and a new classification be introduced - possible V for

violence - for violent films? .

SENATOR DURACK - I have not been giving any consideration to changing the present film classification system. From time

to time, I have discussed with some members of the Film Censorship Board the general approach to the classification

- 38 -

of films. I have also viewed some parts of films and

discussed them with the members of the Board. However, I must say that although fairly clear cut rules can be applied in relation to sexual problems that arise in films, I think it is much more difficult to make judgments about the violence aspects. I have a continuing concern in relation to

that matter. I will be having a general discussion about

censorship problems and these problems which the honourable senator has raised in particular with the new Chief Censor, Mrs Strickland, as soon as she has settled into the job. I will certainly bear in mind the comments that the honourable

senator has made.

* * * * *

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SENATOR WALSH - My . question is directed to the

Attorney-General. It probably impinges on his responsibility as Minister representing the Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs. I ask the Attorney-General whether he has seen an article by a person called David McNicoll in the

'Bulletin1 of 16 October in which McNicoll states:

There was a lot of discussion —

That was in Sydney last week -

on the question of private and family companies, and the signatures which are necessary on various

documents. One prominent commercial man told me that

he's been signing his wife's name on cheques and