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South Australia: Uranium mining

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- 24 -

am not the Minister for police. Nevertheless, I do have a

very general responsibility for and a close interest in

these matters.

With regard to the details that Senator Puplick seeks,

I will refer the question to the Minister for Administrative

Services, who controls the police, for further information.

In general terms I should like to say that the Commonwealth

Government has taken some important initiatives in the last

year or two inn regard to this problem, particularly in the

drug area, where it has established the national royla

commission on drugs from which we hope to obtain advice in

the near future. I refer also to the establishment of the

Australian Federal Police, which has. been an important

factor in rationalising Commonwealth investigation areas.

That, I think, will lead to further improvements in that

area. I refer also the the general immigration controls that

are stringently enforced in regard to the admission into

Australia of known criminals.. I refer also the the

establishment of the Hope inquiry into matters relating to

protective security in Australia. Its re ports also deals

with questions of liaison between Commonwealth authorities

and between Commonwealth and State authorities. I will refer

Senator Puplick1s question to the responsible Minister so

that he can supply any further detail that may be called


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20 S e p t e m b e r 1979

P a g e 856 '

S O U T H A U S T R A L I A : U R A N I U M M I N I N G

S E N A T O R W R I E D T - M y q ue s t i o n is als o d i r e c t e d to the

Attorney-General. I ask: In the course of his referral of

- 25 -

the question he has just answered, will he also ascertain

from the new South Australian Government the Projected

capital cost involved in the establishment of such a plant

in that State? Will he discuss with the Treasurer the extent

of the financial, commitment the Commonwealth would be likely

to make to such an enrichment plant?

SENATOR DURACK - Senator Wriedt raises a very fundamental

question in relation to a uranium enrichment plant, namely,

the capital that would be required. Naturally, such a matter

will be in the forefront of any consideration.

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S E N AT OR R Y A N - Is the A t t o r n e y - G e n e r a l a w a r e . o f the seri o us

i n ju s t i c e s b e i n g s u f f e r e d . by c i t i z e n s of the A u s t r a l i a n

Ca pi tal Territory, bec au se of the f a i lu re of the G o v e r n m e n t

to a p p o i n t a n a dd it i o n a l Supr em e C ou rt judge? In particula r,

is he a w ar e that on 6 A u g u s t this y e a r there w er e 60

cr iminal c a s e s a w a i t i n g t r i a l , that there w a s a b a c k l o g of

u p to 12 m o n t h s for criminal c a s e s an d that serious h ar ds h i p

w a s b e i n g impo se d on people a w a i t i n g r e s o l u t i o n of civil

ca s es ? W h e n w i l l the G o v e r n m e n t a p p o i n t a n o t h e r judge to the

S up reme C o ur t of the A u s t r a l i a n Capi ta l Terri to ry ?