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Chief film censor retires

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CANBERRA 12 AUGUST 1979 56/79

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The man who has been the barometer of community-

attitudes for over 15 years, the Chief Commonwealth Film Censor, Mr Dick Prowse, M.B.E., retires today.

■ The Attorney-General, Senator Peter Durack, Q.C.,

congratulated Mr Prowse today on a distinguished career.

"Mr Prowse has established a remarkable record," Senator Durack said. "He has presided over the Film Censorship Board for 15 difficult years. During that time he

has had to cope with significant changes in attitude towards

censorship and changes in community tastes and standards.

"When assessing these standards and adapting them to his work, his practical commonsense and wisdom have earned him the respect and commendation of successive

Federal and State Governments.


"In addition to this, he has gained the confidence and goodwill of the film and television industry because of the professionalism he brought to the position of Chief Censor," Senator Durack said.

The Attorney-General said one of the major changes brought about during Mr Prowse's term of office was the introduction in 1971 of the R certificate film and the present classifications of films.

Because restrictions could be placed on people under 18 for R certificate films more films could be made available for viewing by adult and mature audiences with a minimum of interference by the censor.

The meetings of Federal and State Ministers responsible for censorship matters which were held prior to the new classifications in 1971 had now become a regular forum to discuss and co-ordinate Federal and State approaches on censorship matters.

Mr Prowse was appointed the Chief Commonwealth Censor in 1964.

He joined the Department of Customs and Excise in 1937 and enlisted in the RAAF in 1942. He served as a

fighter pilot in North Africa, England, Canada and Australia and was discharged in 1945.

He returned to the Department of Customs and Excise and became the Director of General Customs the area which dealt with the policy in relation to film and

literature censorship, before his appointment as Chief Censor in 1964. He was awarded the M.B.E. in 1971.


Mr Prowse is married and lives in Sydney.



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The Attorney-General, Senator Peter Durack, Q.C., met in Melbourne today with Judges and senior officials of the Family Court to discuss delays in hearings and staffing difficulties in the Registry.

He said the possibility of the appointment of

another judge to the Melbourne Registry had been discussed and he would take this matter up with the Government.

The meeting also discussed the effect the

appointment of additional staff, particularly Deputy Registrars and court Counsellors would have in reducing delays.

He said an examination of the procedures and staffing arrangements of the registry had just been completed by the Public Service Board and the

Attorney-General1s Department. The recommendations were now being examined with a view to improving the procedures and service in the Registry.


17 AUGUST 1979 58/79

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