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New measures for republication of laws

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The Attorney-General said both appointments were

for three years.

Canberra 15 February 1979 11/79

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The Attorney-General, Senator Peter Durack, Q.C., today announced new procedures to ensure that up-to-date printed copies of Commonwealth and Territory legislation are

readily available to all who require them.

. The new system will give people far better access to Commonwealth and Territory laws.

Senator Durack said the Government had decided that in future general reprints of Commonwealth and Territory legislation would be published in the form of

complete sets of separate pamphlets to be arranged alphabetically in specially designed binders. The pamphlets will be specially designed and printed to fit the binders.

Under the system, a replacement copy incorporating

amendments will be reprinted in pamphlet form each time, an item of legislation is amended in a substantial way. When inserted in the binders, the up-to-date legislation will immediately become part of the complete working set of legislation.


Amending legislation not yet incorporated in a

pamphlet reprint will, be placed in the binders immediately following the legislation amended. New principal legislation

will also be placed in the binders in its alphabetical place. Thus a set of binders containing Commonwealth Acts, Commonwealth Statutory Rules and Ordinances and Regulations will have a complete set of legislation concerned as

currently in force.

The new system will also make it easier for people' to obtain particular laws in which they are interested without having to purchase a complete set of volumes or a complete set of pamphlets. "

Senator Durack said the new system was being introduced following an investigation by the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Publications into the publication of Commonwealth and Territory legislation. -

He said the new pamphlet reprint system would replace the bound general reprints, of Commonwealth and Territory legislation previously produced. However, bound annual valumes would continue to be published as the permanent historical record of Commonwealth and Territory

legislation to supplement the pamphlet reprints.

The Attorney-General said that the last bound general reprint of the Commonwealth Acts had included all the Acts as in force at the end of 1973. Although such a

general reprint provided a record of the law as it stood at a given time, it quickly became out of date and needed to be reprinted regularly in up-to-date form. '

Preparation and printing of such a bound general

reprint Was a costly and time consuming exercise, as many of

the items or legislation which appeared in subsequent general reprints did not need to be altered from the form in which they appeared in the superseded volumes. This added


greatly to the overall cost that users had to pay for a

bound general reprint. . .

Senator Durack said the pamphlet system of reprinting was now used or proposed to be used in most of the Australian States. The Law Council of Australia indicated that it favoured a separate pamphlet reprinting system. A pamphlet reprinting system was also in use in the United Kingdom.

It was proposed to commence the separate pamphlet reprinting system with the production of A.C.T. Ordinances and Regulations. While the A.C.T. laws are being published, work will begin on producing up-to-date pamphlet reprints of

Commonwealth Acts and Commonwealth Statutory Rules. Initially, these pamphlets will be produced to order of priority of need to make up a basic set. Others will then be produced to complete the sets. It will take about two years

to produce a complete set.

Senator Durack said regularly produced companion tables booklets, with monthly supplements, will show what

has been reprinted, the dates of reprints and details of amendments.

The Attorney-General said that when a . set of legislation was ready for production in the new pamphlet reprint form, the Australian Government Publishing Service

would call for subscriptions for the complete set of legislation. Subscribers would then be sent the complete set of legislation over a specified period. Once the initial set had been completed, it would be self-renewing because

replacement pamphlets incorporating the latest amendments, and current legislation as enacted, would be sent regularly to persons who subscribed to these services.


22 February 1979 12/79

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