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Closing of Jubilee Appeal

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Last year the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Appeal for young Australians was launched to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen's accession to the throne.

The patron of the Appeal was His Highness, The Prince of Wales, and the Appeal was truly national in scope and character." Each State and Territory was given its own target - a total of $5,000,000, and 12 months in which to raise the funds.

I am pleased to be able to tell you that every State and Territory exceeded its target.

The Commonwealth and State Governments made major contributions, large contributions came from businesses and individuals all around Australia, and I am happy to be able to announce that the fund now stands at $5,400,000.

This function marks the official closing of the Appeal, but the Trust's call for funds will in fact never close.

J. am sure that we shall be reminded before the evening is out that the Trust will always gratefully receive donations.

But now that the first phase of the Appeal has ended, work can concentrate on the administration of the Trust and the award of grants. *

We have already seen an example of the dedication and determination of the members of the Trust. Last November, when the Appeal still had six months to go, the first awards were announced. These were the Special Awards for 1977, which the Prince of Wales

presented during his visit last year.

The Special Awards give a good idea of the basis on which the awards will operate.

The Awards were made to individuals or organizations in every State, the A.C.T., the Northern Territory and Norfolk Island. For example, in Western Australia 12 teenage Aboriginal girls were helped to undertake a leadership course; funds for a horse

riding school were granted to the Riding for the Disabled Association of Victoria; the Queensland State Centre of the Surf Life Saving Association of Australia received an award to assist with the purchase of three inshore rescue boats.

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The field is wide, and deliberately so.

The Trust has been designed to be as flexible as possible. This will mean it will be able to assist in the widest possible variety of projects and causes involving young people.

In making awards, the Trust aims to respond to community needs as they arise, and will take careful account of community views, especially those of young Australians.

The Trust will play a real part in helping to mould a better society, a more tolerant and diverse society in Australia. It will enable many young Australians to develop new skills, to draw on their own creativity, to express themselves more fully.

It will offer new hope and opportunity for young men and women who might not otherwise have the chance to develop their talents to full capacity.

Above all, it will help our young nation realise our potential, our vast capacity which as yet has been barely tapped.

I have no doubt that the trust will be a fitting tribute to the first 25 years reign of The Queen.

I am sure Australians will long remember the many events which took place in the past year to mark her Silver Jubilee - above all, of course, the visit in March last year of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, and the visit in November of the patron of the. Appeal, The Prince of Wales.

Though the Silver Jubilee year is now past, important things that it stood for are still with us. Great changes in tech­ nology, lifestyles, and community values have taken place in the quarter century since The Queen acceded to the Throne.

Yet the Crown, while adapting to and meeting these changes,. has remained constant in the fundamental values we value and cherish

When The Queen turned 21, she solemnly pledged her life to the service of her people. At her Silver Jubilee celebrations in London last year, Her Majesty recalled that pledge and added: "I do not regret or retract one word of it".

Her Majesty’s 25 years of dedicated service, and the grace, dignity and human warmth with which she bears the burden of her high office, are an inspiration and an example to us all.

We may hope that The Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Trust for Young Australians - with its objective of helping young people to help themselves and through them the community - will stand as an enduring tribute by Australians to Her Majesty

for her first 25 years of service to us all.

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