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The barbaric murder of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro ■ -- condemned by free people ana freedom loving people tnroughout the world -- serves as an ugly reminder of the modern threat to democracy.

The kidnapping and assassination came at a time when Aldo Moro had been seeking a consensus throughout the Italian community. He sought nothing more than the unification of his people and his nation. The murder of Moro was not just the murder of

one man -- it was another serious attack aimed directly at the heart of democracy.

The evil of terrorism in any form must be opposed with all the vigour at the command of governments everywhere. Free countries need to reinforce each other in making sure that opportunities available to terrorists are shut out.

It is clear that political terrorism will remain with us, and may come to pose even more serious threats to our open society, our values and our way of life.

Terrorism comes in many forms. There are people who resort to terror to obtain money or the release of prisoners, or as a means of bringing about violent and revolutionary change in society. This kind of terrorist seeks to discredit legitimate

governments by using terror to destroy the consensus .between government and people on which open societies depend.

The terrorist rejects the right of others to hold contrary views: rejects the rule of law and rejects the values of tolerance and democracy.

The terrorist is without scruple. He is an extremist, ready to use any means, and impervious to criticism or restraint. The terrorist believes no-one is entitled to personal security, personal liberty or any other form of civil right.

The Australian Government's views on terrorism have been firmly stated. They are made without qualification, without quibble. We will not appease those elements in the community who conspire bv acts of terrorism to deny our people their rights, self-respect

and dignity. We will not succumb to the tyranny of self-appointed minorities who seek to inflict their will on the great majority of our people by intimidation, violence and terrorism. We will not permit Australia to be used as a haven for terrorist groups

to plan and conduct operations abroad.


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Australia is actively playing an international role to help combat the evil of terrorism. We are a party to all maior international conventions to combat terrorism. We support the International Atomic Energy Agency’s proposal

for a Convention aimed at strengthening measures against any crimes involving nuclear material or facilities.

We are supporting the proposal by the Federal Republic of Germany for an international convention on the taking of hostages, and at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Regional Meeting in Sydney, the twelve heads of government

agreed to collaborate more closely to counter terrorism in our region.

There can be no compromise with terrorism. There can be no deals, but there can be great resistance.

There is no more potent deterrent to terrorist activities than the wholehearted and concerted effort by individual citizens to help the government -- any government -- in its irrevocable

opposition to terrorists and all their evil works.

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