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Transfer of Antarctic Division to Kingston, Tasmania

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Transfer of Antarctic Division to Kingston,


The Prime Minister today announced that as part of the

Government's implementation of the Callaghan Report (Structure

of Industry and Employment Situation in Tasmania) he has

written to the Premier of Tasmania, the Honourable D.A, Lowe,

M.H.A., suggesting that discussions, aimed at assisting the .

Tasmanian tourist industry, be held in relation to the

construction of the new headquarters for the Antarctic Division

of the Commonwealth Department of Science.

There is potential to develop the new headquarters into a

tourist attraction by incorporating displays depicting Antarctic

operations both past and present in the building comples.

The discussions will also look at the possibility of constructing

a replica of Mawson's hut in a landscaped area adjacent to the

main entrance. It would be complementary to the display areas

and would contain artifacts from Mawson's and other Antarctic


The Prime Minister also announced that, arising out of the

Government's decisions on the Callaghan Report he is considering

what options are available for accelerating the.transfer of

the Antarctic Division to Kingston.

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