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Nomad for Australian Coastal Surveillance

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(Statement by the Minister for Productivity, Mr Ian Macphee, MP)

The Nomad Searchmaster L version, which - as was announced today - will be used for coastal surveillance in Northern Australia, carries sophisticated surveillance radar in a chin-mounted radome under the forward fuselage.

The Minister for Productivity, Mr Ian Macphee, said this in Melbourne today (15 Dec.).

Another coastal surveillance variant, the Nomad Searchmaster B, has been in * use by the Indonesian Navy for the past two years. A repeat order of Nomads for the Indonesian Navy is now in production, bearing testimony to the excellent serviceability obtained from the initial deliveries.

- The Nomad Searchmaster will provide a real enhancement of Australian coastal surveillance operations. The aircraft's 360° radar can detect a fishing trawler at ranges up to 55 nautical miles, or a medium-sized motor launch up to 35 nautical miles away.

This radar, together with Nomad's basic attributes of unsurpassed crew visibility, low-speed manoeuvrability, ease of maintenance, reliability and short take-off and landing (STOL) performance, make the Searchmaster L a most effective and competitive aircraft for coastal surveillance.

It has adequate range and endurance for the task, and its spacious cabin lends itself to comfortable accommodation for radar operator, navigator, .. observers and standby crew. Its wide cabin doors permit ease of loading.

Nomad, designed and developed by the Government Aircraft Factories (GAF) in Victoria, is a twin turbo-prop high-wing aircraft which can accommodate up -to 17 passengers. The engines are Allison 250-B17B. Nomad is designed for "STDL operations from rough landing strips. The prototype first flew

in 1972.

Nomad has won widespread acceptance in both regular passenger transport and general charter and utility operations in the highly competitive world market. As well as in Australia and Papua New Guinea, Nomads are in service in South America, Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia and the Pacific.

Both the original production version, the Nomad N22B,and the stretched fuselage version, the N24A, have been certified for regular passenger transport operations by the Australian Department of Transport and the US Federal Aviation Administration.

GAF builds the Nomad at its Melbourne factory at Fishermen's Bend; final assembly and test flying are carried out at GAF's airfield at Avalon, Victoria.


Melbourne, 15 December 1978

For further information: Rob Palfreyman Minister's Office (062) 73 3233

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