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Department of productivity "profile" launched

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(Statement by the Minister for Productivity, the Hon. Ian Macphee, MP)

The Department of Productivity today ( 12 Oct.) launched "Productivity Profile", the first issue of a regular media bulletin of features, news and background stories emphasising the importance of productivity improvement.

The Minister for Productivity, Mr Ian Macphee, said in Canberra today the "Profile" would be distributed to media in State capital cities, as well as to major provincial newspapers, the trade press, other organisations and individuals.

He said there was too little awareness of the meaning and purpose of productivity improvement. . '

"Employees, for example, often equate it with working harder for the same pay. What productivity improvement really means is working more efficiently rather than harder, to produce more goods and services at a lower or constant unit cost.

"it means the development of new technology to make Australian primary, secondary and tertiary industry more competitive in overseas ’ and domestic markets; it means a better and safer working environment.

"Above all, it means, if successfully pursued, a rising standard of living for all Australians, and I want everyone in the community to know and understand this.

"I see 1 Productivity Profile1 as just one of the many ways my Department is encouraging and promoting the importance of the productivity concept.

"i hope it will find particular popularity with the media outside capital cities. Metropolitan media have a ready access to news sources which the larger country newspapers do not always have. I would like to see this new venture go at least some way towards closing that gap".

A Items included in the first issue cover Industry Program Groups, Productivity Improvement awards, a summary of a Departmental/clothing industry survey, 21 years of the Productivity Group movement, the problems of non-uniform legislation in the Commonwealth and States,

the Public Service/private industry staff exchange program·, and the Department's inter-firm comparison service.

Editors interested in particular items will be able to obtain photographs and names of contacts from the Department of Productivity.

Further information: ■

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Minister for Productivity's Office: Rob Palfreyman (062) 73 3233

Department of Productivity: Fred Witsenhuysen (062) 48 2449

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