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Grant to inventor

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(Statement by the Minister for Productivity Mr Ian Macphee, MP)

Another grant has been approved under the Government's

Assistance to Inventors Scheme.

The Minister for Productivity, Mr Ian Macphee, announced in

Canberra today that Mr A. N. Jacobsen, of Kew, Victoria, has been

awarded $10000 for the further development of his orbital spinning

machine for textiles. ·

Mr Jacobsen's invention spins short staples of fibre such as

cotton, and mixtures of cotton and polyester, in a uni-twist

fashion. A high-speed fan-like device delivers the short-length

staples into a spinning and orbiting entrance chute where they are

rolled and twisted together to form an endless yarn.

The advantage of the invention is that it will produce this

fine continuous yarn at a relatively high production rate. It is

considered to be soundly based and to have considerable merit; a

simplified scale model has proved the concept to be workable.

Mr Jacobsen, who has had long experience in the Australian

textile i-ndustry, will use the Government grant for drawing design

■and the manufacture of a prototype.

Inquiries about the Assistance to Inventor53 Scheme should

be directed to regional offices of the Department of Productivity C *·' .

(in Western Australia to the Department of Administrative

Services) or to the Executive Officer, Australian Inventions

Advisory Committee, Department of Productivity, Canberra ACT.

Tel: 48 2111. · .

Canberra. ^ April 1978